Lago’s Lone Oak Ice Cream – Rye NH

28 04 2009

After extending my stay in Portland a day longer than I’d anticipated, I found myself with no obligations until I needed to get to MIT for my radio show. Having meandered up Route 1, I made my way hastily back to New Hampshire before I detoured around the tolls. It was just south of Portsmouth that I snacked upon Cookie Monster in a sugar cone.

lago's lagos lone oak ice cream rye seacoast nh

I can’t find much on this place as far as any sense of history goes. I think I stopped here at one point with my dad when I was in junior high and was trying to buy my first stereo. I know that we went to State Street Discount which is close to across the street, and then we had ice cream somewhere nearby. No idea about what flavor I had, and I wound up picking up all of my Technics unit at a store in the Pheasant Lane Mall.

There’s a second location for Lago’s that’s over in Rochester. Actually I’m not sure which is first and which is second, but if you check the website, the Rochester store has a way better logo as they make it look like the Man in the Mountain is licking a cone. This place is pretty prefab with a long line of windows for selling scoops through and an indoor seating area on one end.

Lago’s offers a ton of flavor options. Limiting myself to just the hard ice cream, I had to try their Indian Pudding ice cream first. They bill it as their fall flavor and without the richness offered in farm-based ice cream shoppes, it didn’t have the boldness to make it transcend seasons. I averted myself from the Chocolate Monkey as soon as I realized it was just their variation on banana and chocolate. That’s when I noticed the sign at the bottom – intended for those half my height – for Cookie Monster ice cream.

A simple vanilla base is dyed a light blue color, in an attempt to resemble the fur color of my favorite Muppet. What they add to that are Oreos, animal crackers, and chocolate chip cookies. The cookies all fight for space and bring interesting flavors to each bite, with none dominating overall, but each bite having very distinct characteristics. The blue vanilla was a very simple flavor and while this cone may have been carried better by other bases, none of them are easy to make blue.

cookie monster lago's lone oak ice cream rye nh

There’s a load of picnic tables in the adjacent lot, and I tried to get them all in this shot, but got a few at least. I was hoping all of this green would bring the blue in the cone out, but this image appears far more aqua than the reality. There’s signage over here that makes it seem as though that area is used for events during the summer, or maybe they just set up an auxiliary stand for overflow.

Cone – baby $2.50 kids $3.25 small $3.75 large $4.25 triple$5.25

Sundae – small $5 large $5.75 super $6.75

Frappe $4.75 extra-thick $5.50

Lago’s Lone Oak Ice Cream

71 Lafayette Rd, Rye, NH‎

603 964-9880‎

Open year April-October

Daily noon-9p




3 responses

28 05 2009
Jean Claude de Chamonix

Great place. Good people. The son is a mean snowboarder… Scotty Lago.

16 08 2010

i like the kula chip ice cream very much. ever time i come to new hampshire i get that kind. i would love to find some kula chips and use them for cakes i bet it would taste great.

19 08 2010

What is a kula chip anyways??? I just moved out here to the east coast and this place has the best ice cream that I have ever tasted in my life. I like the Scotty Lago’s bronze run ice cream the best. It has walnuts, toasted cocunut, carmel ice cream and chocolate chips I think. It is SOOOOOOOOOO good! I will return at least a few times each week until they close. But personally I think that they should keep open year round. Becuase this ice cream is absolutely delicious. And did I mention the sizes. The baby cone the smallest cone that they have for only two dollars and fifty cence is so big that it is almost too much for me to eat LOL!!

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