Three Sisters – Providence RI

18 04 2009

Rhode Island continues to be an ice cream mystery to me. The more I seek out places the more vacant lots and improperly addressed places I find. Since I was heading to town to play a show at a warehouse space in Olneyville, I made a list of places to seek. It was my fourth attempt that led me to Three Sisters where I had a cone with both Chocolate Trail Mix and Kentucky Cappuccino.

three sisters ice cream providence rhode island
Three sisters is located in the Hope region of Providence, and by the time I found it, I was nearly running out so it was a nice sight to see. This used to be the home of another ice cream joint that went by the name of Maximillian’s, but it seems as though Three Sisters has been in place for a few years in their own right.

At the junction where Hope and Backstone meet, this place seems to be as much about the coffee as it is ice cream. It seems that many ice cream places have been using this tactic to keep in business and to use their space during times when few folks would be looking for a cone. What  happens is that the hours are shifted backwards with early hours and early closes as well. This place opens up before the crew that’s been working outside my house tearing up the pavement even gets here.

With a nice array of tables inside and a few outside beneath an awning, Three Sisters is a pretty laid back place. The awning even has hanging signs that tell passersby the daily special and what the most recent flavor that they have made. The menu is divided into ice creams that are always available,  get ’em while you can, and three flavor-based specials. I noticed the specials last – they have a chocolate, coffee, and sorbet – and when I couldn’t really decide (and I’d already maxed out on my quota of samples), my scooper recommended splitting the cone.

On top was the coffee special – Kentucky cappuccino. While it was supposed to feature cinnamon, chocolate chips, and bourbon, the alchohol taste was pretty non-existant. Had this been billed as a Mexican chocolate, it’d’ve been far more right. Beneath that scoop was the chocolate trail mix which was a chocolate ice cream with chocolate pretzels and dried fruit. The pretzels didn’t hold up well in the ice cream and had become saturated to the point where there was no crunch left and they were almost indistinguishable from the fruit. As far as what fruit it was that’s another question, as I expected mostly raisins, but got some massive chewy chunks that I couldn’t place. It’s nice when an ice cream place is willing to open their flavors to experimentation, and the ice cream itself was good, but these weren’t combinations that wholly worked.

chocolate trail mix kentucky cappucino ice cream cone three sisters providence rhode island

Had this been the afternoon, there’s a great patch of grass across the street for lounging or playing catch, but instead, I was off to play a show so I looped around the city triangulating on my friend’s apartment. Like most things around here, the warehouse that we played in was tough to find, but once we found it, things were good. A lot like this cone.

Cone – kiddie $1.75 small $2.75 large $3.75

Sundae – kiddie $2.75 small $3.75 large $4.75 banana  $4.95

Milkshake – small $3.95 large $4.95

Three Sisters Ice Cream

1074 Hope St, Providence, RI‎

401 273-7230‎

Open year round

Monday-Thursday 6:30a-8p, Friday 6:30a-10p, Saturday 8a-10p, Sunday 8a-8p




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