Uhlman’s – Westborough MA

5 04 2009

As far as Spring weekends go, this really wasn’t what I was hoping for. After digging through separate book and record sales, I pointed the car down 495 to Rt. 9 to see if this spot was open yet. The wind was whipping around and dusk was advancing as rapidly, but a Heavenly Hash cone fit the bill near ideally.

uhlman's ice cream westboro mass

Uhlman’s is the last vestige of a rich (and creamy) local tradition. Westborough was known as Milk Town because of the prevalence of dairies. By 1975, Uhlman’s was the only one remaining, and in 1996 their dairy was destroyed in a fire. The ice cream stand that remains is in classic fifties-style with a halo of cars and folks lining up to get scoops. With the nearby farms that are the source of the cows that provide the milk for this place, ice cream could be as old as the farm itself.

Uhlman’s is impossible to miss with the lighted ice cream shack standing out in the midst of barn and fields. There is a large parking lot, with a traffic flow that sends everyone out the back exit. The lot is ringed with picnic tables adorned with cow motifs. It’s only a simple fence that keeps the ice cream on it’s own, but just beyond that is a backyard of one of the owners that is adorned with life-size plastic cattle and a putting green.

Amazingly it was almost too cold to stand outside and try samples, but I tasted both the Heavenly Hash and Rum Raisin before I got around to ordering my cone. It’s always deceptive when the scale of sizes has something smaller than a small. I understand  the nature of a single scoop kiddie cone, but Uhlman’s  adds a ‘small child’ as well. Heck, if I can remember which size I ordered.

I’ve found that the more I eat dark chocolate, the weaker many milk chocolate confections seem to me anymore. Maybe it’s the marshmallow ripple that runs through  the core, but this cone kept the rich flavor of chocolate and made it into the creamiest treat. With peanut pieces and chocolate chips parceled heartily through the ice cream, the only detraction was that I had to get in my car to eat it because the wind was on the verge of bringing frostbite to my knuckles.

heavenly has uhlmans ice cream westboro mass

This place is located right along Rt. 30, and for those driving with gas tanks that are achingly low, I recommend looking for gas before you take this as the two places I drove past were long closed. When I finally found an open one back on Rt. 9,  I think that I actually coasted into the gas station.

Cone – small child $1.75 kiddie $2.75 small $3.75 large $4.75

Sundae – kiddie $3.50 small $4.50 large $5.50

Frappe $4.25 extra thick $4.75

Uhlman’s Ice Cream‎

228 E Main St, Westborough, MA 01581

508 366-2411

Open April to October

Daily (Spring hours) noon-8p

Uhlman’s on Yelp!




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