The Name of the Game

28 03 2009

We recently made a trip to the frozen yogurt emporium BerryLine in Harvard Square, but last night there was a concert at the Pierre Menard Gallery just across the street. While I opted for Little Debbie snacks from the market just up Mass Ave, I walked into BerryLine with some friends to check things out (in reality, if they had a chocolate-based frozen yogurt I’d’ve tried it again, but neither Coconut or Strawberry struck my fancy).

Anyway, while inside I noticed a sign that BerryLine seems not to be so keen on that moniker and they are asking their customers to help rename the place. They’ve even got a website set up just to help people submit suggestions. If they choose your name, you could win either (A) one Nintendo Wii OR 16GB iPod Touch OR $300 cash AND one (1) $200 BerryLine gift certificate or (B) $1000 donated to a local Massachusetts charity of the winner’s choice AND one $100 BerryLine gift certificate.




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