Sprung!: Rota Spring Farm – Sterling MA

14 03 2009

I‘m actually a week late! I drove up around noon, to find a batch of cars already ringing the stand. Even more amazing is the fact that I missed the opening weekend entirely by being in Maine last week. Any place that knows it’s worth opening in early March is rightfully a destination ice cream shoppe. I had a cone with a scoop of Ginger Snap and another of Chocolate Walnut.

rota spring farm sterling mass new addition ice cream vegetable stand

A little inquiry has found that the gigantic new addition on the the stand itself is going to be taken over by a vegetable stand. There are usually makeshift stands that were propped up during the summer and fall, but this seems like a far more concerted effort. And it’ll give the ice cream mixing area and the office their own separate places.

The construction here isn’t totally complete, but things look close (but still need a paint job). However, the picnic tables were still stacked so I slogged through the gravel and mud and sat out watching the cows and scanning the horizon for the green that is starting to creep up from the soil to the tips of trees.

My peril came with my order. Indian Pudding, which I’ve long proclaimed as my favorite flavor, is gone. Apparently last summer they brought out a Ginger Snap flavor that used the same base as the Indian pudding, but without the same density (read a bunch less corn meal) but that is in turn augmented by the addition of cookies. Apparently the sales of the Indian pudding nosedived and people jumped ship to the ginger. After a sample, I figured it was still worth the cone.

This ice cream is why I go around eating ice cream. It’s why I started this blog: to find ice cream that compares. The chocolate walnut was wonderful and the ginger snap was great as long as I divorced it from my Platonic ideal of the Indian pudding. When I say this is a destination ice cream stop, I really mean it. Rota Spring Farm is worth the drive just for a cone.

chocolate walnut and ginger snap ice cream rota spring farm sterling ma

The expansion seems as though it will open up some new options for desserts in the area. The idea of ice cream cakes and pies was presented, and here’s hoping they find a great ice cream sandwich to add to that mix as well. And yes, if we can create a groundswell of demand, the Indian pudding will return, though likely only as a seasonal flavor in the fall.

Original review: https://weallscreamforicecream.wordpress.com/2008/06/28/rota-spring-farm-sterling-ma/

Cone – kiddie $2.43 small $3.10 large $4.05

Sundae – 1scoop $3.81 2scoop $4.52 3scoop $5.24

Frappe $4.05 extra thick $4.52

Rota Spring Farm

117 Chace Hill Road, Sterling MA 01564


Open March-November

Daily 11:30a-7p





5 responses

20 03 2009

If there is a petition to save Indian Pudding, I want to sign! If only I had realized sales were low, I would have ordered it every time last summer instead of trying two new flavors each time! I’m sure I could have singlehandedly increased sales by at least 50% with a little effort. But even without Indian Pudding, my husband and I will likely be waiting outside Rota Spring at noon tomorrow.

21 03 2009

This afternoon while I was cleaning up debris from the December 11th ice storm, my wife came back from running errands and said, “take me to Rota, I want to see if they’re open.” So I ran in the house to change and I Googled Rota Spring Farm and I found your blog posting which indeed verifed that that are open.

So we drove 20 miles and I had my first banana split of the season, with Ginger Snap, Coffee Oreo and Raspberry crunch. I have to admit, the Ginger Snap is excellent and it is very close to the Indian Pudding (less the fascinating texture of the corn meal). Like Nicole, I often sample the new flavors, as they are very imaginative in their offerings. But Indian Pudding is too good to lose. We’ll just have to order it every time and they’ll come around. After all, it has been their signature flavor for years.

See you there.

3 04 2009

the woman behind the counter, the one who makes the ice cream apparently, said she may indian pudding flavor back but after the summer. so there is hope. I agree though, keep talking about it when you go and they won’t be able to refuse.

5 04 2009

We found this palce last year the last day of the season and have been dying to go back. I’m after a really good cone today so we’re off…GREAT BLOG!

8 07 2009

Do you sell vouchers or gift cards for say a free ice cone? Considering this for a birthday party favor but didn’t know if you did it. Thanks!

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