Maggie Sundae – Amesbury MA

7 03 2009

When things start to thaw out, it has a knack for getting my wheels spinning in the same migratory directions as the birds. With a destination in Maine, I scoped out what ice cream shoppes along the way might be open this early in March. With a few possibilities on a single rerouting, I found the first of them open for business. The Chocolate Lab cone proved my geography experiments successful.

Maggie Sundae Ice Cream Amesbury Mass

Located in the heart of Amesbury, right next to the Town Hall, Maggie Sundae has become a fixture in only three years. Scott and Kim Richards founded this place and named it after their dog. With a dog bowl outside and special doggie ice cream, this place caters to canine customers as much as it does their owners (and those of us that don’t own pets).

The shop seems as though the core of its business is with it’s coffee and baked goods rather than ice cream. While the freezers take up a big part of the store, the hours imply the different focus. Not too many people are looking for a cone when they open up at 6:30a. Though if I found myself in Amesbury some morning, their wifi and cone might tempt me.

With the dog focus, it seemed as though one of the pun-based tunes was the way to go. I passed on Cherry Jeff Walker and Purple Pupand decided to venture to what seemed as though it had to be the most experimental. Thus I wound up with the crazy combination that also had a doggedly punny name: chocolate lab.

A dark chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips, chocolate swirl, brownie batter and  any other nearby chocolate is what I got. The ice cream was rich and dense and the overflow of chocolate like a strategically planned assault on my tongue. Different subtleties of chocolate flavor kept unfolding in waves and twisting things within a the realm of chocolate. If only the cone had been built as such and not merely unceremoniously dumped from a bowl, then this might have been an even better experience.

Chocolate Lab Maggie Sundae Amesbury Mass Ice Cream

Luckily, I found this place as the overcast day tweaked my sense of direction. Instead of heading due north, I got misdirected onto 107A and wound up driving around New Hampshire continually taking roads that pointed me more north and more east until I finally made it back to 95. An attempt to plot my path and show my errors is too embarrassing to post.

Cone – miniature $2.49 standard $2.99 big dog $3.89

Sundae – standard $3 big dog $4.75

Frappe $3.95

Maggie Sundae

60 Friend St, Amesbury, MA 01913

978 388-0100

Open year round

Sunday- Thursday 6:30a-8p, Friday & Saturday 6:30a-9p [5p or 6p closing time before 3/23]




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