Signs of Spring

17 02 2009

I‘d last been to Rota Spring Farm in Sterling on Election Day, a few days after they closed. When I drove in then, there were a few guys mulling about,  looking at the land. Finding myself in Clinton with time to spare, I figured that I’d drive into Sterling and see what was up (and if they’d posted an opening date. What I found was this:

Rota Spring Farm Addition 2009 Sterling Mass

Rota Spring Farm is expanding. Not sure what is going to be in that space, so I’m not even going to speculate. Instead, I smile at the sign that says “See You In March” and dream about the possibilities. And love the fact that even if that groundhog saw his shadow, we’ve only got four more weeks of winter now, and the worst has already melted.

Sorry for the bad picture quality, I wasn’t intending to do any ice cream work when I was out so this is using PhotoBooth and holding my computer over my shoulder.




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