Colonial Candies – Bolton MA

31 12 2008

The radical swings in weather patterns this month have been amazing. After spending Saturday night wandering around all of Jamaica Plain with temperatures in the fifties, we’ve got another winter storm warning. Severe enough that parking bans were issued a day in advance. I opted for trying to beat the storm out of town, and got a Butter Pecan cone.

Colonial Candies Ice Cream Bolton Mass Hebert's

Colonial Candies is an odd moniker  for me to use. Until recently this was a Hebert’s candy mansion, but in 2004 the Hebert family sold their name and recipes off. Member’s of the family still run individual shoppes under new names, but things are different aside from the Shrewsbury store which maintains the original name. Hebert’s introduced white chocolate to America back in 1955, but this store now uses different suppliers and doesn’t have their amazing white chocolate bars.

For anyone travelling south on 495, this spot is a definite landmark. A mile before the highway exit, there is a clearing that provides a good view of the mansion, and there is an iluminated red sign steering visitors this way. As a result, there are often times when you’ll find a couple of elderly tour buses making a stop along their way, and thus lines winding through the aisles.

With the snow picking up pace on this New Year’s Eve, the store was quiet. Only the ringing of the bell when I walked in alerted the one person on duty for the day. It was easy to tell that she was weather weary – ice storms had knocked the power out for 3 days earlier in the month. She even talked about almost not coming in today after witnessing the aftermath of three accidents on 117 during her commute.

I didn’t feel the need to work my way through samples, and heck I wanted to get to my parent’s house and get off the road before things turned truly gnarly. The ice cream here is supplied by Bliss Dairy, so I had a decent idea what I was in for with my butter pecan. While there was a bit of frost on the outside of the cone, refreeze hadn’t permeated the whole thing, and the cone had a rich buttery consistency with large pieces of pecan that really made the whole thing shine. It didn’t hurt that I was given a complimentary waffle cone for being the only customer (a family did walk in as I was leaving and headed straight for the ice cream).

colonial candies bolton mass ice cream butter pecan hebert's snow

As a candy mansion, the best aspect of Colonial Candies is the toppings bar for sundaes. With short hours, it wasn’t set up on this day, but usually crumbled version of the candies in the store are there for you to assemble. Growing up, I can recall many times when we would ride our bikes to Hebert’s and gorge on sundaes making our toppings overflow onto the paper plates below forming a moat of caramel and strawberry and fudge around a great castle of ice cream.

Cone – small $2.75 medium $3.25 large $4

Sundae – small $3.75 medium $4.75 large $5.50

Frappe $4.95

Colonial Candies

47 Sugar Rd, Bolton, MA

978 779-6586‎

Open year round

Daily 9a-6p

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14 01 2009


8 12 2009
Kelly S.

Hi! I have been frequenting Colonial Candies more than i care to admit and have yet to be dissappointed. I was however surprised when they changed their name. Frightened at first that the candy and ice cream i have come to love would now be different i was thrilled to find out that the Hebert family still own & operate the candy store. I was suspicious at first, but being a die hard white chocolate fan i had to try it myself to see if it had changed. I bought a white chocolate pop, opened it immediately (while still in the store)and then…..Yeah! It is indeed the orginal white chocolate. It was perfect. The same yummy chocolate i’ve been eating and perhaps over indulging on – for the last few decades. When I asked them why the name change, an older gentleman (come to find out Mr. Hebert himself) said they had sold their main manufacturing plant on RT 20 in Shrewsbury along with their name and were going to franchis. However, the route 20 Store changed the families recipes and chocolate blend making it no longer the premium chocolate that we all have come to love. He urged me to go to
” Hebert Candies” and try their chocolate. So needing to know for sure, I did. I went and bought some white chocolate from Hebert Candies. I was stunned. It was horrible. It was NOT the orginal white chocolate they have been claiming to be using!! Not by any stretch of the imagination. The topper – Hebert candies charged me more money for a clearly inferior product!!! I was livid. So needless to say, I went back to Colonial Candies to get my white chocolate. Mr. Hebert saw me shopping and welcomed me back. I told him I went to Hebert Candies in Shrewsbury and admitted he was 100% right. While handing me a white chocolate Colonial Candies pop he just smiled and said, “Welcome back”.

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