Lizzy’s – Cambridge MA

21 11 2008

I didn’t get an iPod until this past summer when my brother gave me my sister-in-law’s old one. It’s a four gig Nano so I stuff it with Podcasts and new stuff that can rotate quickly. It was pretty amazing walking around a chilly Harvard Square listening to someone read “The Lottery” and then landing a Mocha Chocolate Lace cone in the midst of it all.

lizzy's homemade ice cream harvard square, cambridge mass

“New Yorker: Fiction” is a monthly Podcast with a modern author reading a favorite story that first ran in  The New Yorker, and this month it was A.M. Homes that read Shirley Jackson’s classic. For some reason it seemed a more apt soundtrack to the day and the ice cream than the bootlegged Guns N’ Roses record that I can’t motivate myself to actually listen to.

This Lizzy’s is the same as the place on Moody Street in Waltham. As a matter of fact this place is really not much more than a storefront space tucked between other stores in Harvard Square. The ice cream is delivered to the store from Waltham. The narrow space barely has room for its freezers, and just fits the three seats that are tucked into the bar at the front of the store.

Some of the more complicated flavors on the Lizzy’s menu are broken out in descriptive sheets that seem to have been drawn by bored workers tired of reciting the same spiel every time customers asked. My first sample was a Coffee Fudge Avalanche, and I think the spoon missed any ice cream and came up with only fudge and walnuts. While I do like walnut fudge, I was after a cone.

That’s what led me to the mocha fudge lace. Snowflake-like pieces of crystallized sugar are covered in chocolate and then mixed into a bold mocha ice cream. It has an oddly grainy quality that could be attributed to the sugar or coffee grit. The texture serves to enhance the flavors as it seems to roll them very unevenly across the tongue giving each element its own opportunity, and different sensations striking adjacent taste buds. The only detraction was that the cream was soft and warm, which was pretty ironic given outdoor temperatures peaking near freezing.

Mocha Chocolate Lace Lizzy's Harvard Square Ice Cream Mass

This Lizzy’s shop is somewhat overshadowed by their next door neighbor (not naming names, but there’s a reason that they don’t serve any hot beverages here) and friends who are regular pedestrians in this territory didn’t realize this tiny spot was actually an ice cream shop. It is tiny without much room to loiter inside, but usually you can find something outdoors in the square to watch. Maybe there’ll even be a stoning.

other review: Lizzy’s in Waltham

Cone – kiddie $3 regular $3.62 2scoop $4.19 3scoop $5.15

Sundae – regular $4.86 2scoop $5.53 3scoop $6.19

Thick Frappe – small $4.10 medium $4.81 large $5.24

Lizzy’s Homemade Ice Cream

29 Church St., Cambridge, MA 02138

617 354-2911

Open year round

Daily noon-10:30p




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