Return Engagement: Christina’s – Cambridge MA

13 11 2008

When a flavor has a lot of different elements, a taste can be a very inaccurate portrait of an ice cream. Today I was wishy washy. So unsure on what to get that it took three samples to come to a decision. I wound up with a cone full of the seasonal Carrot Cake ice cream.

Christina's Ice Cream cambridge mass - carrot cake

My sample had a mere fragment of raisin. The cone on the other hand was overflowing with them. Raisins were in every bite of the cone and they were plump and juicy, which only made them more difficult to chew in their frozen suspension. They burdened the carrot cake ice cream, because your primary efforts were in dealing with how to deal with this chewy mass in your mouth rather than stop to parse all of the elements.

I’m still not certain what the base ice cream flavor was here, it may be one of the spices that augment the carrots. Their taste is subtle and they are more apparent in the texture  with grated carrots mingling with the walnuts and raisins. Despite this hodge podge of ingredients, the flavors are muted within the cone. Only the raisins want to step up and take your attention, and none of the other flavors linger beyond that.

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