Vote… for Ice Cream

4 11 2008

They didn’t have a sticker at the polling place, so the folks at Ben & Jerry’s are just going to have to take my word for it. Whatever your inclinations are for local and state politics, it’s worth standing in line to have your voice heard. If you’re too fatigued after that to stand in line for ice cream, we sort of understand. I’m going to try to see who else will give me free scoops.

We’re gonna try our own polls today.

1. Because WordPress switched the default, my past few posts have had images that were as wide as the text column, instead of the ealier version whose image was about 60% of the size

2. The eternal question of ice creamers everywhere. Vanilla always wins, because there are too many variations for folks to unite behind

3. The National Race for President




One response

4 11 2008

Also, free Starbucks tall. That $1.55 will start to go towards paying off the $10,000,000,000 (seriously) bond bill I just voted for.

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