V-O-T-E … for flavor! In-Day Updates

4 11 2008

So as a celebration of voting, I headed off for this site’s most viewed shoppe: Rota Spring Farm in Sterling. The past few years they have been open into the middle of November. Apparently that is now changed and this past Sunday was the end. Looks like they are planing some landscaping changes for the new year judging by the piles of dirt running along the edge of the parking lot.

Dejected, I stopped at nearby Meadowbrook Orchards. The view across the hills was nice, and even better was the sighting of some Rota Spring pints and quarts. I snagged two pints and an oatmeal raisin cookie.

Meadowbrook Orchards Sterling Mass Apples

I ate the entire pint of Buttercrunch for lunch as a political celebration. I stashed the Vanilla in the back of the freezer so I can have a great control to test all other ice cream against for a few weeks at least.

And please vote in today’s poll, and then tell all your friends and tell them to tell all their friends. I will announce the results live on Pipeline! tonight!




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