Ben & Jerry’s – Cambridge MA

4 11 2008

original title: Cohen – Greenfield for Prez

If only Ben & Jerry hadn’t sold off their company to Unilever, the idea that two people can work together to create something is the basis for the American dream, right? Imagine turning a $12,000 investment into a multinational ice cream conglomerate. The biggest problem would be which of them is Prez and which takes the Vice.

ben & jerry's ice cream harvard square garage cambridge mass

The line stretched around the corner and wound around a few times. A lot of people were ready to translate their vote into a cone and I was among those. Thankfully there were five people working the counter trying to keep up with all the scoops. Plus there was the benefit that none of them had to worry about making change when everything was free.

In honor of who I placed my vote for, I selected a Butter Pecan cone. It’s the flavor that Obama has stated is his favorite, and some places that were a bit more fervent in their political punnery on the menu board started referring to it as “Yes, Pecan.”

With the tops up on the coolers, the ice cream was a bit warm, but even a mild day in November wasn’t enough to  make it melt. There were boxes of cups and cones at the ready and people were slipping through the line quickly. Bodies were filling Harvard Square with people meandering around not paying attention to their destination, but focusing on this free afternoon treat.

Marissa went for a Mint Chocolate Chip cone and was advocating it’s greatness the whole walk, she definitely preferred it to some of the green mints that we’ve seen. The butter pecan almost looked like there was a purple raspberry ripple running through the cone, but that was really just an odd reaction between the husk of the nut and the fluorescent lighting. The cone was a great clean ice cream that had really fresh nuts held in suspension. There’s a reason this ice cream has made it so far from it’s Vermont origins.

butter pecan ben and jerry's harvard square garage cambridge mass

There’s not really much of any place to sit here, but in Harvard Square that’s not really the point. The Garage is a great central location, and you can find anywhere to go. We just ate as we walked back so I could drive down to the radio station and tell people about what’s been going on in the world today, and to play some music.

Cone – small $4.19 large $5.15

Sundae – regular $4.86 2scoop $5.53 3scoop $6.19

Shakes & Smoothies – small $4.50 large $5.25

Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop

36 JFK St, Cambridge, MA 02138

617 864-2828

Daily 10a-10p, Sunday 11a-8p

Open year round




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