White Mountain Creamery – Newton MA

3 11 2008

For all of the elements of city life that Boston has, the truth is, it is often just a glorified college town. If you’re looking for something that is open late hours, the best bet is often to check near camps centers. Here on Chestnut Hill, I found a Mocha Fudge Chip cone.

white mountain creamery newton mass ice cream

With headquarters in Wellesley, you might expect that this shop would call over whenever they were running low on a flavor and have a truck bring a few more cartons. However, there is a sign above the cash register that makes sure folks know that all of the ice cream that is in this shop is actually made here. It’s why my scooper had to venture into the back room looking for the samples since they weren’t in the case yet.

If you visit the website, they only really make mention of the other store, though there is a phone number at the bottom for franchising which someone seems to have taken them up on. This place is directly across the street from the front entrance to Boston College. It’s on the Boston Marathon route in case you’re running and need something to help you make the last few miles.

With the shop open until midnight every night, there are plenty of chances to find ice cream after the night falls (especially good on these days after daylight savings since it got dark by 4:30p). There weren’t any flavors that seemed particularly seasonal. I tried the Mint Oreo, but the fresh cookie weren’t enough to win me over. I wanted to try a taste of the Maple Grapenut, but they were out.

However, it was being replaced on the specials menu with a mocha fudge chip. The first taste established the coffee flavor as rich, but the fudge really dominated the ice cream. It’s a rich cream that doesn’t have any of the grit that a deep chocolate or coffee can have. What is most exceptional here though are the chips, they are a very different chip from any other I’ve encountered. They were miniature chips that were in the shape of slim teardrops and provided ideal punctuation for this cone.

mocha fudge chip white mountain creamery newton mass ice cream

There’s a nice array of tables and even a central bar where you can sit and eat a cone. Nice to have indoor spaces to eat ice cream when a place is open all year round, because otherwise your only option would be to stand outside and shiver as you watch the Green Line trains turn around and start their run back into the city.

other review: White Mountain Creamery – Wellesley

Cone – child $2.55 small $3.45 large $4.35

Sundae – small $5.25 large $6.45

Frappe $5.25 malt frappe $5.70 extra-thick frappe $6.25

White Mountain Creamery

19 Commonwealth Ave, Newton, MA 02467

617 527-8790

Open year round

Daily 11a-midnight





One response

25 05 2012
Cynthia Korhonen

Friday, May 25, 5:10 p.m. I just got off the train and I thought that I’d like to eat a dish of coffee oreo ice cream at the Creamery before walking home. I went in, ordered my ice cream, and then left in disgust when I noticed that one of the girls was sitting on the ice cream freezer with her dirty shoe up on it, close to where the other girl was about to scoop up my ice cream. The boy, leaning back chatting with the girls, didn’t say a thing. The thought of those dirty shoes next to my ice cream was chilling enough, I lost my need for something cold. I told them how inappropriate that was and that I couldn’t stay to eat, because it made the whole place seem dirty. As I walked out, one of the girls shouted, rudely, “Have a nice evening!” I went back and asked who was the shouter. None of them answered, while one of them ducked down the back stairs, so I told them I’d turn in everyone one of them. Was one of those girls or boy in charge? If so, none of them are fit for the job. Also, I usually call young people young men and young women. You hired rude, poorly trained girls and a boy. I hope you’ll let them know how they should behave in your Creamery and when serving food to the public. I hope you will not post this. This is meant only for management’s eyes.

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