Black Cow – Millis MA

2 11 2008

Sometimes there is no beacon in the night quite as great to see as a neon ‘Open.’  When you’re just following an unknown road and everything else is dark, an illuminated ice cream shop might as well be El Dorado. I had a Chocolate Pecan sugar cone.

I’d visited the shop in Natick this summer, but that was just a satellite. This is where they make the ice cream. And unfortunately, by the time you read this, closed until the end of March. If you live nearby, they are open until 9pm tonight and are selling quarts like they’ve got to go….

Black Cow opened in the mid-90s in Millis and has prided themselves on making high quality ice cream ever since. The results are a denser ice cream that has only 30% air and a rich butterfat content. Great compared with your grocer’s freezer, but pretty much a given with New England hard-pack.

Looking around and seeing the cases full of pre-packed quarts, I realized that this was the end of the run for Black Cow. Sometimes that can have adverse effects on the ice cream that remains, though generally, it is more due to the fact that what is left has all been in the freezer case a little bit longer than usual. My taste of the Vanilla Wafer was so non-descript that I’m still not sure if it was a ‘Nilla Wafer or those wafer cookies that are separated by layers of sugary cream.

What that left me with was a fantastic Chocolate Pecan cone. Pecans are underutilized in ice cream flavors, there’s often butter pecan, but that treats the nut just like candy. Without any other ripples or other adornments, this combination lets the flavor of the pecan nut to shine while being presented on a rich chocolate wave. This was a nice clean creamy chocolate; no bells and whistles needed, just great ice cream.

Since I didn’t know if there was any freezer space where I was heading, I didn’t buy a few quarts to try and see if the could make it through the night before I got home. I’m still kicking myself, because this is worth the room it takes up.

other review: Black Cow – Natick

Cone – kiddie $2.95 regular $3.45 large $4.45

Sundae – regular $5.45 large $6.75 cow-lossal $8.75

Frappe – elsie $5.25 extra-thick elsie $6.25

Black Cow Homemade Ice Cream

1397 Main St, Millis, MA 02054

508 376-4884

End of March – Beginning of November

Daily noon-9p; fall hours Thurs-Sun noon-9, closed Mon-Wed




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