Sterling Ice Cream Bar – Sterling MA

1 11 2008

When they are closing for the season sometimes it’s OK to eat meals backwards. This place is as much a roadside diner as it is ice cream place. Anyway, I figured that it was going to take them a little while to get my cheeseburger hot. That’s my best explanation for having a Heavenly Hash cone first.

sterling ice cream bar mass

Sometimes searching for decent information on the internet is nearly impossible. I love reading Wikipedia entries that are self-contradictory. Often it’s just worthless. After a slew of dead ends, I found someone who listed this place back in 1984.

I know this place from an era later than that when one of my best friends lived nearby in South Lancaster and we made it over here more than a few times. The thing is, I wouldn’t be surprised if the basketball hoop and picnic tables here are the same ones. Nothing looks different from how it did back then, even the signs seem the same degree of sunwashed.

I was in the mood for a sample to set me up, but I just chuckled when I looked at the dry erase board. While the header proclaimed “Over 50 Flavors,” attrition and today being the last day had that down to eleven. I set up my cheeseburger with whatever vegetables they coud fit on there, and just as soon was delivered my heavenly hash cone.

With all of the mixes of flavors and taste, it’s remarkable how reliable a heavenly hash or rocky road can be. It’s no wonder that these are the sort of classic flavors that have endured. truth be told I didn’t even see heavenly hash as an option most places, but this had a wonderfully light marshmallow ripple with nice square chocolate chunks. The ice cream was light and creamy with a more subtle milk chocolate taste, but it lacked any of the signs you might expect in a last day cone.

heavenly hash sterling ice cream bar mass

Actually let’s revise that last statement to ” … , but the ice cream itself lacked any of the signs you might expect in a last day cone.” The sugar cone was terrible. Stunted growth that missed meeting at a point by nearly an inch, it was cold enough so nothing dripped. I wound up pitching the cone after I was out of ice cream because the sugar wafer tasted like Play Doh.

Cone – small $2.70 large $3.60

Sundae – small $3.50 large $4.25 banana split $5.25

Frappe $4.10

Sterling Ice Cream Bar

167 Clinton Rd, Sterling, MA 01564

978 422-7742

March-Early November

Hours tba

Sterling Ice Cream Bar online




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