Return Engagement: JP Licks – Jamaica Plain MA

24 10 2008

I probably should have just got a frappe.

Instead, I was late to hear the band I was in the neighborhood to see because something on the menu had stirred me. I ordered a sundae for the first time in the history of this blog.

jp licks october specials

The first thing that caught my attention was the Carrot Cake, but my little taste was laden with raisins. I had thought this would make a nice cone, but the taste was too subtle and the chew overwhelming. When I commented on that to my scooper, she smiled and agreed. In my haste to pick something else I was intrigued by Black Lager, and asked for a sundae with caramel.

Then I found out that the simple sundae also gets three toppings. I didn’t want to overwhelm it, but the array of shattered candy and nuts is tough to navigate. I opted for Blackberries, Blueberries, and SnoCaps. What I didn’t notice is that there were both white and rainbow SnoCaps. The result looks more like an eight year old girl’s sundae.

black lager ice cream caramel sundae jp licks j.p. mass

While it may look silly, it tasted pretty great. The black lager was more subtle than I was anticipating, which made it even better to mix and match with all of the other elements. Both berries were whole fruit and not merely a bunch of fragments, and the each tasted right. And yes, the rainbow does taste the same as the white.

The only thing I was disappointed by was the plastic bowl and spoon that I ate from while sitting inside, it’s just such a different aesthetic from a ceramic bowl and metal spoon. I think my next great plan might be to redesign plasticware made expressly for ice cream, that will display a sundae well, and make it easy and fun to eat. And yes, wholly recyclable.

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30 10 2008

Tim and I got some plastic flatware that Looks like real, stainless flatware, at BJs. Since we got it at BJs, we have tons. I think they’re recyclable, but we wash and reuse them, so they get about a three cycle life, and if they aren’t recyclable, well, they were immediately disposable either. So…if you every have an icecream sundae party, these puppies might do the trick for you, unless you don’t mind just washing real spoons.
Would a waffle bowl make you happier? More visually interesting, and edible?

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