Trombetta’s Farm – Marlboro MA

15 10 2008

The last time I came to this place was the day I finished classes in high school. My best friend Terry and I took our last test and then had a free period when everyone else was taking the final final. We drove to Marlboro and ate lunch at Bertucci’s and then came here and played mini golf while Sgt Peppers. was played in its entirety on the radio. This time I had an Apple Crisp cone.

Trombetta’s is a family owned farm that has been around since 1974. Their interests are widely diversified within their buildings as there are greenhouses, the aforementioned mini golf course, a wooden toy shop, and the ice cream stand itself. They make their own ice cream and have some carts that they take out to special events as well. During the winter, it’s only open on the weekends.

This place can be summed up best by its logo. Their primary interests are all represented with the flower replacing the o, the golf ball and ice cream cone serving as both apostrophe and exclamation point. This is the only place that I know with an indoor mini golf area. While the course isn’t full of crazy moving obstacles, you’re never going to get rained on.

With pumpkins ringing the ice cream stand, it almost seemed imperative that I went for a seasonal flavor. They have a full complement of frozen treats with sherbet, soft-serve, slush, frozen yogurt, and sugar free ice cream.  With the trees turning color and orange all around, Pumpkin was way too obvious. I almost abandoned the thought at all when I had a taste of the Cinnamon, but when I found out that that ice cream was the base for the apple crisp, I was swayed.

The apple crisp cone was amazing… instead of tossing the same ingredients as an apple crisp into the ice cream, someone here has actually made a real apple crisp with a decadent, buttery crust and mixed it into the cinnamon ice cream. I was taken aback by just how good this was, most flavors that try to be another dessert don’t make a major impact, this seems to exceed the original.

With fields all around, and the Marlboro Airport right next door, there are plenty of places to go to enjoy your cone. However, if you do a little looking, you’ll find one of the best assets of Trombetta’s. Behind the parking lot, there is a raised grassy area that has four wooden porch swings set up for your enjoyment.

Cone – small $2.95 medium $3.50 large $3.95

Sundae – small $4.25 medium $5 large $5.75

Frappe $4.25 malted $4.95

Trombetta’s Farm

655 Farm Rd Marlborough, MA 01752

508 485-6429

Open year round, weekends & inside counter only November-April

Daily 10a-8pm (Fall Hours)




2 responses

17 10 2009

Hi, I love your blog!!! I’m from New England, and I’m a huge ice cream fan, so it’s great to look at all of your reviews. I usually just stick to making my own ice cream, but I might have to make a few road trips based on your suggestions. Thanks!

11 07 2011

Trombetta’s has a groupon deal today.

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