Sign of the Times

7 10 2008

Despite the prolificacy with which we New Englanders consume ice cream, when the fall comes our focus does shift. From the roadside stands to the scoopshop diner. From the bubbling water fountain to the mulled cider. From the ice cream cone to the back of the freezer.

We All Scream For Ice Cream is out to explore the possibilities of frozen treats and plans to spend the winter checking out the things that you find in your freezer aisle. There are plans to go to some local ice cream meccas and hopefully some interviews and in depth features. We’re looking to create a comprehensive ice cream and frozen treat glossary so that you can discern a custard from a gelato, an ice water from a sorbet. We’re also looking at creating some sort of awards to bestow upon our favorites and yours, so we’re working to set up a voting interface where you can declare your favorite ice cream.

All that as well as reviewing the ice cream shoppes that persist throughout the year. (I’ve even got a few in the queue that got stuck as a result of a computer glitch and subsequent procrastination). But don’t worry, just because our favorite places are closed, it’s just for the season, and we’re with you eating ice cream all the way.




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