Bolton Orchards – Bolton MA

7 10 2008

When you ride across the autumnal landscapes of New England, sometimes it’s difficult to find ice cream among the turning leaves. Signs that tell me to come back next April break my heart. One thing that I have noticed more of though are banners that tell me ice cream is now available at places where it hadn’t been before. When I walked back here, I opted for the Pomegranate Chip.

If you dip back far enough in history, you’ll find out that Bolton Orchards is directly related to Davis Farm over in Sterling (best known now for their mega maze). In 1954, this roadside farmstand was built at the intersection of 117 and 110. Growing up, the best part of this place was a tap in the wall where you could get cups of their amazing cider for a nickel. That tap is still there and the price has not increased.

They’ve added some simple grocery and even a deli, but sometime in the past couple years they annexed a small space in the back of the store for ice cream.The window opens to an outdoor area full of bulk apples and pumpkins and gourds and mums and whatever else is most in season. When the autumn chill comes on and the lines get shorter, scoopers are kept busy making fudge or other such things.

With so much of the orchard’s resources devoted to apples and other fruit, they don’t make their own ice cream here. Instead they worked things out with Bliss Dairy down in Attleboro to supply them with fresh ice cream. A taste of the Apple Crisp made me realize that the arrangement isn’t reciprocal as the taste had very little real fruit in it.

Instead what got me was the pomegranate chip. Most people are unsure of what to do with a pomegranate. As a fruit, it takes some serious effort to get the rewards, and it makes a serious mess. Lots of juices lately try to blend it with other flavors and most of them wind up dominating the taste. This ice cream actually tastes like a real pomegranate with a real fruitiness and tangy afterbite. With square chocolate chunks distributed evenly throughout and the cream taste taking a backseat to the fruit, this is a really good cone.

With ice cream as a recent afterthought here, there’s not much of any dedicated place to sit and enjoy a cone. However, there’s plenty to wander around and look at as you scope out the rest of your purchases. Or else you can just spend your time chatting and flirting with those scooping your cone like I did (of course it helps that she’s a friend also used to be my bank teller so she knows the limits of my finances among way too many other facts).

Cone – junior $1.95 small $3.25 large $3.80

Sundae – small $3.25 large $3.99

Frappe $3.99 thick $4.25

Bolton Orchards Market and Deli

125 Still River Rd, Bolton, MA 01740

978 779-2733‎

Open year round

Orchard open 8a-6:30p; Ice cream open noon-8p in the backyard




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