Templeton Ice Cream Barn – Templeton MA

26 09 2008

Rain seems to have taken over the fall. Sometimes when news focuses on how these hurricanes batter the gulf coast, they neglect the effect of the torrential rains as the clouds sweep across the rest of the country. Not that I’m comparing Katrina’s devastation with local cancellations. Instead, I splashed through the puddles and got this Outrageous Oatmeal Cookie cone.

This is a barn. For some reason I’d been reading this wrong from the first time that I found this place on the internet. There are more than enough spelling mistakes everywhere so when this gets listed next to a slew of bunch of Dairy Bars, there’s no reason to presume that the ‘n’ is for real. Until you pull up to the front and realize this is indeed a barn.

There’s no one that can provide much a sense of history for this place, and the teens working there didn’t seem to provide any help. This and the adjacent country store both have the rustic feel of Olde Massachusetts with the wooden planks showing the wear of history. Even the screen door has the right sort of squeak and slam sounds as you enter. There’s seating inside for the accompanying restaurant, and outside are a few picnic benches that match the building.

The flavor menu board here seems like it was made by third graders. The lines are far from straight, and the flavors are presented by a bunch of construction paper cut-outs of cones with the names written on them. With options like “Play Dough” and “Birthday Cake,” this place seems very targeted for local families.

I chose the outrageous oatmeal cookie to fill my cone. This was a taste sensation as all of the elements of an oatmeal cookie were in here, plus something that seemed like chocolate jimmies blended in the mix. The only thing missing that could have put this over the top would be actual pieces of cookie. Instead it seems like the recipe for the cookies was put in the ice cream maker and a hard cookie chunk would help keep the oatmeal from all turning into a textured mush. Still, this is an original flavor, with real good local ice cream.

The rain was what sent me west. I had been heading out to the Bolton Fair to assist my dad in running the lumberjack contest, but things were so bad on Friday that he had pretty much committed to canceling for Saturday afternoon. So I pointed my car westbound through the rain and headed out for my first visit to see my good friends’ new son Emmett.

Cone – baby $1.75 small $2.75 large $3.25

Sundae – small $3.50 large $4

Frappe – small $3.25 extra thick $3.75

Templeton Ice Cream Barn and Restaurant

7 South Rd, Templeton, MA 01468

978 939-8164‎

Open year round

Fall Hours Monday-Thursday 7a-2p, Friday-Sunday 7a-7p

Templeton Ice Cream Barn online




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