3 Scoops – Brighton MA

21 09 2008

With Summer coming to an end, everything else seems to have gotten as hectic as possible. In a way this time after Labor Day and before the Autumnal Equinox is sort of like a second New Years. Everyone sets off with a renewed sense of hope, new resolutions that kinda don’t seem so artificial. On a Sunday when I slept all of that away, I had a Coffee Oreo cone and Marissa got Green Tea.

I can find reviews online for ice cream at this location for  the past few years, but it seems as though it changed hands in the past year or two and was bought by two brothers, one of whom is usually found manning the counter. It’s kind of amazing that in as collegiate an area as Brighton that this is the only ice cream shoppe in this area aside from a Cold Stone. Then again with rents in Boston as exorbitant as they are, it can be surprising that any independent stores exist at all in the city.

There’s no real sign that this isn’t homemade ice cream, but the lack of a sign is often sign enough. When a store is making ice cream where they sell it, they usually are sure to make a point of it so that everyone knows. It was only by  peeking into the freezer and noticing the logo on the side of the cartons that I was able to determine that the source for 3 Scoops is actually Herrell’s.

As it is, these guys cover their bases. Their menu includes twenty-one flavors of ice cream (plus three more flavors of the day), three sherbets, five sorbets, two soft serves (plus a swirl), and seven frozen yogurt options. They offer a bunch of specialty ice cream drinks with one of their immaculately chalked menu boards dedicated to them. It’s cones that are almost an afterthought as they are on the bottom of the last board in a smaller font alongside pints and quarts.

I gave the blueberry a taste, but anyone who actually looks into the freezer and not just at a list of names is bound to be drawn to one of the Oreo options. The cartons look more the black of the cookie than the color of the cream that is holding them in solution. The ice cream is definitely present as well, and it approaches a custardy consistency here. The coffee flavor is subtle and sweet, not the sort that is an alternative to injecting caffeine into your veins.

Located in Brighton, this makes a good place for people watching and conveniently enough, there are two benches in front of the store that provide a perfect spot for indulging in a cone at the same time. For those that are already bundling up, or don’t like to eat ice cream while in a sweatshirt, there is plenty of seating inside as well. The walls even feature the works of some local artists, so you get the flavor of Brighton either way.

Cone – small $2.65 medium $3.25 large $3.95

Sundae – regular $3.95 large $5.25

Frappe $4.50

3 Scoops

403 Washington St, Brighton, MA 02135

617 779-9030

Open year round / seasonally?

Daily noon-9p

3 Scoops online




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