C.B. Scoops – West Medford MA

16 09 2008

There’s something about train stops that seems to attract ice cream shops. It seems as though every time I find a station, there’s a cone within a block or two. When I was looking for this place I knew I must be near when I crossed the tracks. Most of the confusion didn’t come until after I got my Toll House cone.

If you look at that picture, you’ll clearly see that it says Camille’s Ice Cream and Candy Shoppe, however that is not the name of this place. At least not anymore. Camille’s was bought out in the Spring by Joe Conway and Elizabeth Barber who creatively used the first letter of each of their last names to come up with C.B. Scoops. Apparently there has been a series of delays that have kept Camille’s on the sign and awning above the door.

The biggest change seems to be the addition of some tables for seating inside and the elimination of the candy that had been part of the previous name. Instead the new shoppe is also serving coffee and pastries, which seems to be a way to appease an older clientele as opposed to giving kids a supreme sugar high. Reports across the web show that some people preferred the previous carnation, but in truth neither place made their own ice cream, and both use Richardson’s as their supplier.

The palate is pretty limited with just over a dozen flavors to choose from and a sherbet selection as the only variant. Without having made it to Middleton this summer, it still seems as though I have tried most of the flavors that Richardson’s offers up. The biggest thing I dislike about places like this is that they don’t change up their menu options and rarely feature seasonal flavors when they aren’t the ones making it.

After a couple of samples, I landed on the Toll House ice cream to fill my sugar cone. I’d actually been thinking about a flavor like this lately. While I’m not above eating a whole batch of cookie dough without turning the oven on, I was wondering why people didn’t make ice cream that featured actual cookies. With perfectly crispy cookies balanced in a simple vanilla ice cream, this fit the bill.

I stopped here since I was heading over to Tufts to play a concert. As I was loading in, we were informed that we’d get fed for playing, and were escorted to one of the dining halls on campus. It’s been a while since I’ve got to be in a wide open cafeteria, and the options were a lot like I recalled. They did have an Edy’s soft serve machine that spit out sickly sweet banana, strawberry, or a swirl of the two. Merely the smell (and the advice of Joe who tried it first) kept me away.

Cone – small $2.99 medium $3.75 large $4.50

Sundae – small $4.59 large $5.59

Frappe $4.25

C.B. Scoops

453 High St, West Medford MA 02155

781 393-5959

Open year round

Sunday-Thursday noon-9p Friday, Saturday noon-10p

C.B. Scoops online




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