Smiling Hill Farm – Westbrook ME

13 09 2008

This didn’t start off very well. A big part of the reason that I came to Maine this weekend is that I figured I was booked the next couple weekends and by that time some of the places I wanted to go would already be closed. I didn’t expect that Hodgman’s already was. Thankfully I had a support network that provided an option where I got a Ladybug cone.

My knowledge of Smiling Hill Farms starts at the 7-11 on Congress St who used to sell quarts of their flavored milks in glass bottles. Even with the full dollar deposit on the glass bottles that I rarely remembered to return, this was one of the regular staples of my late night diet and my drive south. They made a blueberry milk that always left me reeling.

The Knight family who runs this farm has lived in Westbrook since the 1700s. With a herd of fifty Holsteins, they operate a full dairy that produces milk, butter, cheese, and ice cream. The dairy is in a barn at the base of the estate and overlooks the fields where those cows roam freely. They try to support a sustainable environment and even put their milk into reusable glass bottles.

Samples of dips and cheeses and fudge and butter are a nice treat while you meander around trying to make up your mind (plus there was a sample of vanilla milk to cleanse my palate). With wooden walls, the market has a very rustic quality, yet maintains a sense of cleanliness that never raises the question of how close the robust cheeses are to the cow pies.

My friend Betsy and I decided to bring a quart back to our friends for dessert later on tonight and chose the Indian pudding for the whole gang. She had an apple pie cone, while I chose ladybug – a strawberry ice cream with chocolate chips. I was expecting more of the fresh cream flavor to burst through here, but instead it seems as though they used their strawberry milk as a base since there were no pieces of strawberry within the ice cream. The chocolate chips were square chunks that were spread evenly through the cone.

There is limited seating inside the market – it is definitely a market rather than a parlor, but outside there is more than you can want with picnic tables, a petting zoo, a large wooden train and plane for kids to play on, and marvelous vistas to look at while you eat. In all honesty it might be worth it to come here just to meet the John Deere-a-Saurus.

Cone – small $2.25 medium $2.95 large $3.75

Sundae $3.95

Frappe $3.95

Smiling Hill Farm Dairy & Market

781 County Rd, Westbrook, ME 04092

207 775-4818

Open year round

Monday-Saturday 11a-7:30p Sunday noon-7:30p




One response

24 10 2008

I went to Smiling Hill Farms this summer for the first time. I never knew it existed until I moved to Portland and started working in Westbrook (just up the road from Smiling Farms actually!). Normally I have a very bad reaction to ice creams, but theirs was delicious & my tummy was A-OK!

It’s nice to see another New Englander blog about ice cream & eating it in the “cooler” weather. Good luck with your ice cream travels. Can’t wait to read more reviews!

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