Ooh La La Fudge – Belmont MA

10 09 2008

After exploring as many ice cream shoppes near my apartment as I have, finding new places that actually serve scoops can pose a genuine challenge. As I wandered to Waverly – not a town just a nook around a train stop – I noticed that this fudge shop had ice cream listed prominently on its banner. Stepping inside, I wandered among the confections and came out with a Coffee Kahlua Brownie cone.

I picked up a business card at the counter, but the domain for the website they proclaimed to have had been squatted on by someone else, and it was impossible to glean much of any information from the teens that were working this afternoon. The only thing that distinguishes this place as new to the neighborhood is the fact that there is a banner above the door rather than the gold-embossed wooden signs that mark all of the other establishments on this block.

With a single table and four chairs in the front of the shop, this isn’t the sort of place to linger after your money has gone into the register. Then again there isn’t much to see outside of this spot aside from an expanse of pavement and a small patch of grass across the street that borders the commuter rail stop. Many of the trails that run in this area have been closed off recently due to some new construction that will likely wind up positing a slew of condos in the area around McLean Hospital. It’s too bad since this was a spot that Frederick Law Olmstead found to be the most beautiful in the metro area and was where he spent his last years.

With odd candy on old fashioned shelves around the store, and fresh pans of fudge behind the counter, Ooh La La seems like a great place to sate a sweet tooth. If you’re interested in wandering through nearby Waverly Oaks in the heat of summer, I’d definitely recommend trying their fresh-squeezed lemonade and lemon sorbet blend. It is the fudge that is foremost in their name though and what should be your first option.

Today was an ice cream venture and the coffee Kahlua brownie fit the bill well. A thick and creamy confection that almost had the density and texture of a frozen yogurt, this cone had a smooth coffee taste that wasn’t going to send me into caffeine shock. The Kahlua was a subtle addition as well – only the mildest hint of alcohol peeked through. The brownie pieces were what made this exceptional. I’m not even sure that this ice cream was homemade, but the brownie was rich and decadent in the way that I would always hope for at a fudge shop.

While most of the contents of the store made sense as sugary treats, there was one thing that seemed out of place. Apparently in addition to fudge, the owner also has a heady obsession with Betty Boop. As I turned around at the counter, in front of me was an array of handbags and other merchandise emblazoned with her image. I guess it’s the overtly sexualized cartoons that put the “ooh la la” into Ooh La La Fudge.

Cone – pee wee $2.99 small $3.50 large $3.99

Sundae –$5.50 junior $4.75

Frappe – $4.35 malted $4.89 extra thick $4.99 extra thick malted $5.59

Ooh La La Fudge

495 Trapelo Rd, Belmont, MA 02478

617 484-8082

Open year round

Monday-Saturday a-9p Closed Sundays

Ooh La La online




One response

23 09 2011
Aurora Vex

Oh La La Fudge, While the fudge MAY be good, the people that were running the booth at The Big Eastern State Fair were extremely rude. Upon commenting to my fiancee about the ridiculous prices ($3.75 per square of fudge) I was told “well your not obligated to buy any”, and my response was “you’re right about that.” The sad part is that we were still planning on buying about $20 worth, until she made that rude comment. Also upon leaving the gentleman who was with her said “they are at a fair” I just let that go, being a former infantry Marine things would have gone very bad for him, and I didn’t want to end up in jail. Rude people can’t overcharge.

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