Celebrity Pizza – Watertown MA

6 09 2008

I‘m not sure how many hundreds of times I have driven past this place. Right near the 7-11 in the middle of Watertown, I always figured this place was merely a spot to get that flavor-injected soft serve. It’s that pink banner proclaiming the plethora of soft flavors available that always lowers my expectations. Andy and I stopped in and he went for soft serve chocolate and I went for a Twist Dip.

Celebrity Pizza doesn’t shine a spotlight on their pizza anywhere inside the store. Instead there is a counter on one side that looks like a full ice cream parlor with hard and soft ice cream. When it comes to food they have fried seafood, hot subs, salads, chicken, wraps, calzones, soups, and more. If you’ve got a hankering for something specific, odds are good they can fill that need and get you ice cream.

Two brother-in-laws have been running this place for the past twenty-two years with a vision to make good food quickly that isn’t mere fast food. It seems like a full service dairy bar with a bunch of booths and seating inside and picnic tables under an awning. The views are mostly of an intersection on Mount Auburn Street, it’s that same sort of perspective that carries over to the inside.

The hand scooped ice cream has a pretty simple palate of choices with nothing wilder than a cookie dough. While I was leaning toward choosing from one of those options, it seemed as though I should get soft serve at a place I thought only offered soft serve. I’ve also liked trying to place my order as succinctly as possible, so all I said was, “twist dip.”

Apparently Andy had never had a dip before and was stunned to see my cone freshly dipped in warm chocolate. That it was a shell by the time it made him even more baffled. I always though everyone’s mom bought Magic Shell at least once growing up. As it was the dip coating was great except for the fact that the chocolate didn’t seal with the lip of the cone so ice cream melted through that crack and made a good mess of things. The vanilla/chocolate twist of ice cream was a refreshing soft treat, nothing earth shattering, but exactly what you want in a soft serve.

This is the place that my handyman told me was where he brought his kids to make them happy at the end of a hot summer night. I think a big factor here was that he was able to dictate portion control and get everyone happy with all of the options available. As long as you aren’t vegan, there must be something on the menu to fit your wants.

Cone – small $2.85 medium $3.35 large $3.85

Sundae – small $4.60 large $5.60

Frappe $3.95 extra thick $4.35

Celebrity Pizza and Ice Cream

684 Mt Auburn St, Watertown, MA 02472

617 924-0009

Open year round

Monday-Friday 11a-10p, Saturday noon-10p, Sunday 1p-10p

Celebrity Pizza




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