Return Engagement: Athan’s

4 09 2008

My bandmate Joe, lives right around the corner from Washington Square in Brookline, so we’d been talking about going to Athan’s ever since I made my first stop there months ago. He apparently had always been sidetracked by the Emack and Bolio’s and never made it all the way here when he was in the mood for frozen confections (and it is tougher to convince his teenage sons to go for gelato than ice cream).

I wasn’t sure just what mood I was in, so I wound up with a cup of the Green Tea gelato while Joe went for the Chocolate. The flavors were bold and strong in both and the gelato was dense and fresh. I can’t say that I’ve ever actually brewed a cup of green tea that has this flavor, but everything that claims to be green tea-flavored has this same approach to my palate, but that’s probably because I rarely add cream or sugar. It was wonderfully refreshing and made me rethink the possibilities for how to approach tea time.

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