Return Engagement: Erikson’s

1 09 2008

There are so many nagging problems with an ear infection. Firstly, our body just shuts down in an effort to fight it off and you can enter a fevered state. Second, since it’s an ear issue there can be those damn dizzy spells. Thirdly, everything around there hurts, including your jaw which impairs chewing. Thus, I went for a Black Raspberry extra thick frappe when I stopped on my way back to my apartment.

An infusion of sweetness helped restore my equilibrium, the power of ice cream can never be discounted in any form. As a frappe this wasn’t as consistent as I may have hoped – there were lots of small pieces and flecks infused throughout the beverage in a way that made me question whether my request for an extra thick shake had actually been relayed properly from the girl at the counter to whoever was making shakes at the back of the shoppe.

I was initially going to go for wintergreen chip, as it’s one of my favorite flavors here, but chips in a frappe can be problematic, even if they all merely settle to the bottom of the cup. Sometimes it can be a great treat at the end, but since I wasn’t in the mood for chewing it seemed counterintuitive. Instead the black raspberry was the approach taken and it was wonderful, even if it was chosen because it was at the top of the second column on the menu more than any other reason.

Erikson’s will be closing for the season before the month of September is out. No one is sure of the date, but usually the dairy’s last weekend coincides with the Bolton Fair so I’d suspect that September 28 marks the end of the line here. Make it out while you can.

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