Dairy King – Everett MA

1 09 2008

Despite the fact that Massachusetts eats the most ice cream per capita in the USA, sometimes you can drive around relentlessly without finding any frozen salvation. The best part is that whenever you feel most despondant, a cone can appear right in front of your eyes. I scored a Snickers cone, Jess had soft serve Chocolate in a cup, and Thom made the jump to a Root Beer Float.

My friends had made the move up here from the Virginia/Maryland/DC region earlier this summer and I made my way to Somerville to check out their new pad. It’s a nice little spot in an apartment building right near the Somerville library, and a cool (and affordable) first place here in town. We set out on a quest for food and ice cream in an area that they’d never been.

After my recent failures in finding spots, I opted for a place with a high concentration of possibilites. Unfortunately, even a map with 4 flagged entries on it wasn’t helpful, when two of them proved to be factories and the others had nothing resembling ice cream shoppes near the listed addresses. With spirits drooping I aimed us toward a slush stand, and just as I was thinking we may have failed, I looked up and right in front of us was a giant sign for ice cream.

The name Dairy King only appears on the large sign at the intersection of 16 and Everett Ave (we thought we were still in Chelsea until we looked at maps later). The name of the store is actually Flowers Etc… as the only cash register inside the building is behind the flower counter, not the ice cream one. Until recently the awning called this Stadium Fruit and Flowers despite not having had fruit in a longer period of time then anyone recalled. The ice cream takes up an odd section inside the building and has a window to the street. They serve Richardson’s ice cream along with soft serve and slush.

With a limited set of options, I decided to give the Snickers a try. The results were better than I expected, as they tried to replicate the candy bar from it’s component parts rather than just throw pieces into the vanilla ice cream. There are pieces of peanuts and chocolate chips distributed throughout the cone. A thick swirl of heady caramel looped through the cone carrying with it a peanutty aftertaste. Another solid option that comes from Richardson’s… we’ve had our big trip to their primary site for cones and mini-golf delayed all Summer long.

Neither Thom nor I had eaten much during the day before this, so our first stop was at the fabulous Mike’s Roast Beef and Seafood on 99 in Everett. Mike’s is open late every night (2a, 3a on Friday and Saturday) and has my favorite roast beef sandwiches in the Boston area. Though I didn’t get any, they make real nice fries and use those vats for seafood even better. A great place for food, not only to fill a late night drink-induced craving but even during the day.

Cone – small $3 medium $3.50

Sundae – medium $5.50 large $6

Frappe $5

Dairy King

21 Everett Ave, Everett, MA 02149

617 389-4412

Open year round

Hours #a-#p??

Dairy King online




2 responses

2 09 2008

If you ever come down to Vienna, VA, we will take you out to the Mormon Custard Shoppe, to return the favor of yesterday’s romp.

22 11 2011

I Googled “Massachusetts ice cream per capita” and you were PAGE ONE.

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