Bedford Farms – Bedford MA

27 08 2008

Among all of the cones that I’ve indulged in over the summer, a few of them keep coming back to me and stand up as truly exemplary. Had I not had my chair collapse beneath me, my experience at Bedford Farms in Concord with their Sweet Cream cone may have been one of the best. It was with this in mind that I set out for their flagship store where I tried a Chunky Chocolate Pudding cone.

This place has been here longer than most anyone. There’s actually a sign on the wall next to the door proclaiming their 125 years in business. Of course it wasn’t until around year 70 of that run that the dairy started making ice cream, but now it is the focus. Plus, that sign is already a few years old as it’s actually 128 years since their 1880 founding.

What is missing here is a giant sign telling you that this is Bedford Farms. There is a small sign on the street, but nothing on the building that makes any overt proclamation. Located where 62 and 4 and 225 all meet, anyone heading through this area on any major roads must drive near here, and it’s certainly worth a stop.

I started with a sample of the cherry bomb, but wasn’t swayed. It didn’t help any that as I was trying it the girl who handed me the spoonful turned to her co-workers and told them that she didn’t like cherries in ice cream that much and then added that she didn’t really like chunks of things either. This had both. I will give her credit for the largest sample spoon that I’ve had anywhere.

The chunky chocolate pudding did indeed have chunks in it. It was one of the more decadent chocolate offerings that I’ve found anywhere as it is a chocolate ice cream with a fudge swirl, chocolate chips, and brownie chunks. That is a lot of chocolate, and if you’re a chocolate fan this will make you swoon. The ice cream builds from a spectacular base (see my review of the sweet cream) and hits so many different chocolate hues that you’ll be constantly surprised.

For as great as this place is, the one thing that’s missing is a place to really enjoy your cone. The restaurant next door has signs up making sure that people don’t hang out outside their place, even on the ideal stone wall that edges their gardens. Otherwise you have a parking lot, and a couple of picnic tables that were already overflowing with families who had long finished their ice cream. Most of the adults were actually sitting in their cars listening to the radio and there wasn’t even a baseball game on.

Cone – kid’s $3.25 small $3.50 large $4.10

Sundae – kid’s $4.25 regular $4.95

Frappe $4.50 malted $5.25

Bedford Farms Ice Cream

18 North Road, Bedford MA 01730

781 275-6501

Open year round

Monday-Saturday 11a-10p Sunday noon-10p




One response

30 05 2012
James Donahue

One thing about Bedford farms is their banana splits. They actually only do two flavers on the splits. I found that out when I ordered it, and then she said back to say, oh, you want these two flavers. I was like…I am ordering a banana split, and usually, they are three flavers in a banana split. Turns out, there IS a banana split with three flavers, but it’s actually a banana BOAT.

Needless to say, the banana splits costs $6.25, while the banana boat costs $7.25.

As for portion sizes, the kiddie, small, and large is EXACTLY THE SAME as the ones at Kimball Farms. The small is slightly larger then the kiddie, while the large is in a blizzard-type cup. I don’t know what the sundaes look like, but I imagine that it’s problably on a small plate with one or two scoops of ice cream.

What really gets you, is the price of the splits. The banana split is kind of like the doubledale at Kimball Farms, but the scoops are smaller, yet it costs more. Also, the banana splits at Kimball Fars costs $6.75, while the Bedford’s banana boat costs $7.25. When I compare the sizes of these, the Kimball Farms is like way more ice cream then the boat. Therefore, Kimballs costs way more in volume then at bedfords.

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