Lick-Itty Splitz – Mattituck NY

23 08 2008


Some ice cream is more about what you remember than what it actually is. My grandfather used to go to this location and come back with those giant ice cream sandwiches for everyone to have after a day on the beach. Today, I woke up and headed straight to that same beach. At the end of the day, my brother and I headed out for ice cream, and I landed a Road Runner Raspberry cone.

Different shoppes serve certain types of ice cream. Usually those that try to diversify contract out to other places for variants of frozen treats. This place tries to cater to everyone. They have soft-serve, gelato, sorbet, frozen yogurt, homemade ice cream, and even mini-melts (those frozen dots of ice cream).

This store has passed through a few different sets of hands since its origins as a Carvel back in the 1970s. They’ve been named the best ice cream place on Long Island’s North Fork for the past couple years, and have finally grown into their location. I remember times when I would walk in and they’d have not much beyond some generic flying saucers in a freezer case.

Now it seems as though Lick-Itty Splitz has got a handle on what they are doing. They claim to do “Cold Stone Mixing” of their ice cream on the premises. We found this to be true when my brother order a Puddin’ cone. They told us couldn’t put that flavor in a cone yet as they had just made it less than an hour ago. Instead they emerged from the back room with an icy tumbler of very soft ice cream that they put in a dish for him.

The road runner raspberry wasn’t much harder than the puddin’ was – it looked like a new batch as well. The ice cream was a white chocolate base which proved a better start than putting this into vanilla. There’s a thick swirl of raspberry syrup and a bunch of raspberry-filled chocolate candies that makes this ice cream live up to its name. While it’s nice to have these add ins to make the ice cream rich, the treat itself isn’t that creamy at its core. It’s a nice cone, but a bit tough to judge because of the softness of the ice cream.

The diversification here is nice if you’re heading out with a large family; there’s no way not to find something that each person will like. However, I think stretching out so far as to offer even those mini melts makes Lick-Itty Splitz not focus on any one aspect of the frozen treat business, and so while they are generally good, they never quite make it to specifically great. They do a great job with kids though and even have a table at child height with chairs, and a player piano that doesn’t seem to actually play on it’s own, but every kid is attracted to enough to mash keys so it might as well.

Cone – 1scoop $3 2scoop $3.75 3scoop $4.50

Sundae – small $3.50 medium $4.25 large $5

Shake – regular $4.50 large $5.50 (add $.25 for malt)

Lick-Ittty Splitz Ice Cream Store & More

12130 Main Road, Mattituck, NY 11952

631 298-0416

Open year round / seasonally

Sunday-Thursday noon-10p, Friday & Saturday noon-11p (or “when it gets slow”)




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