Coney Island – West Newton MA

20 08 2008

Neighborhoods that have one landmark that is open late often get a few more that also keep late hours. With a multi-screen art house cinema as the centerpiece of this West Newton site, there’s a pizza place that’s also open late and this place as well. Cake Batter ice cream was what filled my sugar cone.

This place had a very clean and bright interior, but there’s not much about it that reminds me of Coney Island. The only thing that might fit in at the actual Coney Island is the canvas awning. Maybe it’s concept is that of a classic ice cream parlor, but it has a very modern boutique style. The counter takes up most of the space and there’s only room for a few tables.

This neighborhood is driven by the West Newton Cinema and the fact that it can support a six screen theater that focuses on more independent film. There’s a certain bohemian style, but it isn’t as posh as neighboring Wellesley. This place likely does as well as a coffee shop for those waiting around for their movie times as it does as an ice cream shop.

Given the place where this is, it’s slightly surprising that there is such a conservative flavor palate. It is interesting that they make a section of the menu just for ice creams that contain nuts. While it was late enough in the evening to have selected the Kaluha Fudge Brownie, I instead selected an ice cream that I have always held at bay: cake batter.

I guess I had forgetten how much fun i was to lick the beater. This ice cream is that flavor  AND contains some of that particulate, plus a ribbon of chocolate frosting. The ice cream is rish and decadent almost to the level of being custardy, but that’s all due to the eggs in the batter I would bet. Much like a French vanilla, this is actually a custard not an ice cream. Semantics aside, this is a delicious cone.

It’s mid August and when I walked inside, I has hit by a blast of heat. The day felt so much like October that they turned it on here. While there’s not much in the way of outdoor benches right near the shoppe, the best way to spend your time is to head to the theater and read the reviews of the films that are showing. Of course you can also come to this neighborhood without even thinking about the movies, you can just go and eat a cone.

Cone – small $3.25 medium $3.95 large $4.75

Sundae – micro $3 small $4.25 medium $4.95 large $5.50

Frappe $4.95

Coney Island Ice Cream Cafe

1284 Washington St, West Newton, MA 02465

617 559-1039

Open year round

Monday-Thursday 10a-10p, Friday & Saturday noon-11p, Sunday noon-10p

Coney Island online




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