Cabot’s – Newtonville MA

17 08 2008

One of the problems with driving in Boston is that there are only a few landmarks that all drivers know. The Common and Copley and all of the bridges. I’d say Fenway, but no one knows how to drive around the stadium. For those that have used the Pike, I’d like to add the grocery store that’s over the highway. Right around the corner from it is where I got Milky Way ice cream and Raspberry Sorbet in a … dish.

If the Cabot family had a concept as great as the Jubilee, then this place could be a widespread chain rather than a single store holding out. It has a parlor bar around the freezers, and booths and tables throughout the rest of the shoppe. It has a classic 50s feel, that is sharp and clean and seems authentic, not revivalist.

The other thing they hold out on is the cone. It’s not even mentioned on the menu and only after I was heading to my seat did someone restock a small stack of waffle cones that they steer people away from. Late on a Sunday, tables were full of kids coming back to college and high school kids that were getting ready to disperse for the first time.

I ate first, and then was ready for a two scoop dish for dessert. I had time to look at the menu and knew what I was up for. The seasonal flavor was a peachy peach and they also had a ginger on the menu. It seemed like a nice pairing and I had a fallback in case with Coffee Kaluha Brownie. All three of them were out. After writing about it last time, I thought instead I’d try a Milky Way, and then match that with a raspberry sorbet.

My waitress put the softer and warmer sorbet as the bottom scoop  in the dish, which made things tough to deal with by spoon. The Milky Way on top was a simple chocolate scoop with a vein of caramel and misshapen chocolate chunks. The  ice cream is similar to Hood or Brigham’s with a very olde Massachusettsian taste. The raspberry sorbet was a bit icy and was more subtle than I expected,  I was ready for a barrage of berries (and the seeds that can come with that), but instead got a clean and light sorbet that was a lot like a strawberry Italian ice.

I was going to try to actually shop at that Shaw’s and get some food for dinner, but it was closed so I got something to eat first at Cabot’s. I was thinking of getting a sandwich, or splurging for a tripledecker club, but instead opted for the appropriately Wow Burger. It was a grilled patty placed in the middle of a grilled cheese sandwich. Brilliant! The root beer was their own brew and was great, but I wouldn’t recommend it in combination with all this other stuff unless you’ve got my constitution.

Dish – 1or2flavors $2.89 triple flavor $3.99 testing 1-2-3-4 $4.99

Sundae – smaller $4.29 regular$4.79

Milkshake Frappe – thick $3.69 extra thick $4.49 giant thick $5.99

Cabot’s Ice Cream & Restaurant

743 Washington St, Newtonville, MA 02460

617 964-9200

Open year round

Sunday-Thursday 9a-11p Friday and Saturday til 11:45p, Closed Mondays




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