BeeZers – Northboro MA

16 08 2008

Most of the time when you pick a road and drive out of town, it doesn’t take too long to find an ice cream shop. For some reason though, Route 20 is not so accommodating. It wasn’t until after I got passed 495 and into Northboro that scoops finally materialized. So I tried a combination that I hadn’t seen elsewhere with a Mint Moose Tracks cone.

This place acts like a classic roadside stand. Given the design and font on the sign, I’d presume this place opened in the late 90s, but probably took the building from some previous eatery. It’s at an odd intersection on the east side of Northboro, but there’s a patch of grass with picnic tables underneath the sign, which breaks up slabs of pavement.

Inside there was a full menu of burgers and dogs other grillables and seafood and other fried goodies.There were a few guys hanging out in there, but it seemed they were trying to flirt with the girls working more than doing any actual consumption. There was no reason to be in there and there’s a window on the side to take all orders anyway.

I wasn’t sure what to go for. I’ve also found that I am way less likely to ask for samples at a place where I am ordering ice cream outside. Something about a parlor makes me go for those little spoons. I almost went for a Milky Way cone, but no one has ever made a nougat flavored ice cream (not as I’ve encountered) so it wouldn’t meet my expectations. Instead I tried the interesting juxtaposition of the mint moose tracks.

There’s no claim that this ice cream is homemade, and nothing that tells me where the ice cream comes from either. It’s a really light cream, almost to the point where I’d call it an ice milk. The mint was subtle, but almost mediciney in its overtones. There was a lot of chocolate – crumbles and candy – that served to only occasionally distract from the mostly mediocre cone. Maybe if I hadn’t driven so far beyond the last ice cream place on Route 20, this would seem fine instead of being a bit of a letdown. It’s as though I was expecting to find a grail.

I had gone looking for an ice cream place in Berlin that I recalled from high school, it used to be in the middle of nowhere and now it’s right next to the Solomon Pond Mall, except it doesn’t exist anymore. I even got out of the car to ask a cop who was trying to nab someone coming into the rotary too fast. There was a cop stationed on a side street right next to BeeZers too. I didn’t talk with him, and he didn’t pull out after me (I was afraid he’d ticket me for my less than stellar opinions of his local ice cream).

Cone – kiddie $3 regular $3.50 large $4 (yogurt +$.20)

Sundae – medium $4.25 large $4.95

Frappe $4 malted $4.70

BeeZers Ice Cream

14 W Main St, Northborough, MA 01532

508 393-7787

Open year round

Daily 11a-10p (grill closes at 9:30p)

Beezers online




One response

12 02 2009

you were looking for uncle ronnie’s! i used to go there in high school, too! it’s a hockey store now, and beezer’s definitely does not beat it. it’s so funny to read this – you should do cape cod.

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