Lizzy’s – Waltham MA

14 08 2008

I‘m not sure just where people park when they come to Moody Street. I spent as much time looking as I did driving there. I was doing loops down side streets and through parking lots until a car pulled out in front of me and left me a spot. I had no problem walking a few blocks for a Butter Crunch cone

Lizzys Waltham

Founded in 1995, Lizzy’s also has a scoop shop in Harvard Square (good luck finding parking there either). Nick Pappas left the corporate world to come to a simpler life and he founded Lizzy’s. The place has become a fixture in this commercial district, and puts pints into stores all around Boston.

Given how busy the place was, I’m not sure why half of the store’s seats were closed off to the public, but both tables on the sidewalk were available. I didn’t really have any reason to complain except for people squeezing by while I was waiting in line, but when tables for four were taken up by individuals on laptops, it could have cleared things up a lot.

With four workers serving scoops, the line moved quickly, and when I got to the front, I had a taste of the Charles River Crunch. My sample came with something sort of chocolaty and nothing crunchy. I guess that’s what led me to something that was sure to be more simply crunchy.

The butter crunch certainly had some great pieces of the candy all through it, but the ice cream was merely the sweet cream base with the candy in suspension. I’m also not sure what the difference between butter crunch and toffee is anymore. The ice cream was rich and dense, but all of the flavor was carried in the candy and the ice cream was just a vessel to bring that flavor. A very nice cone, but I prefer it when the buttery flavor is in the cream as well.

Butter Crunch - Lizzys

Walking through the neighborhood, I think there are more different dollar stores within a block of this location than anywhere else in New England, and the Global Thrift is right across the street as well. The best part though was a glance up at the skies as the sun set the clouds on fire and I drove past a band playing Gershwin on the town green.

other review: Lizzy’s in Harvard Square

Cone – kiddie $3 regular $3.62 2scoop $4.19 3scoop $5.15

Sundae – regular $4.86 2scoop $5.53 3scoop $6.19

Thick Frappe – small $4.10 medium $4.81 large $5.24

Lizzy’s Homemade Ice Cream

367 Moody St, Waltham, MA 02453

781 893-6677

Open year round

Monday-Thursday 11a-11p, Friday 11a-11:30p, Saturday noon-11:30p, Sunday noon-11p




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