Manning Farm – Scranton PA

11 08 2008

Google maps don’t always work out. We pulled off the highway in Snow Shoe hunting for an ice cream parlor there, but were sent the wrong direction and I drove downhill on country roads paralell to the highway for about 15 miles. I ceded control of the wheel to my brother and we didn’t stop again until we got here. I got a Graham Central Station cone and Tim got the Burgandy Cherry.

We probably drove within a block of this place when we were driving out, but better maps steered us right to this place. Actually we pulled into the parking lot after we sighted the store as it is tucked in the end of a strip mall in a territory within a stone’s throw of the highway.

What makes it far more promising than the thought of Pennsylvanian exhaust is that this place is just a scoop shop for an actual farm 15 miles up the road in Dalton. It looks as though they’ve been at this a while, even if all the menu boards are dry erase. With pictures of the fields and the herd on the walls, it’s disarming to walk back outside into a paved panorama.

Usually I get a taste of a cone that I’m intrigued by before I get the actual cone that I really want. With them being out of the Charlie Brownie, I was set to go for the Praline N Caramel and thought that the Graham Central Station was worth a taste. The cinnamon ice cream with actual graham cracker pieces won me over and I went for a cone of it instead.

As a break in a long day of driving, this was an amazing cone. A rich cream that was loaded with a sweet cinnamon flavor and flaky crispy graham pieces, I was knocked out by how good this was. I even forgave the drips that landed on my jeans. The cherry was a rich red cream with real chunks as well, thanks to easily accessible spoons and my brother.

When I woke up at home the next morning, there was a story about America’s new ghost towns and we drove through three of them (Canton, Youngstown, and here). Scranton at least has the benefit that as soon as The Office goes off the air, they’ll be able to set up a Dunder Mifflin museum to spur the tourist economy. Too bad it’s not a bar like Cheers that they could franchise.

Cone – baby $1.80 single $2.25 double $3.25

Sundae – small $3.10 large $3.85

Milkshake $3.50 (malt extra $.15)

Manning Farm Dairy Ice Cream and Milk

210 Meadow Ave, Scranton, PA 18505

(570) 961-1645

Open year round

Daily 10a-10:30p




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