Black Cow – Natick MA

7 08 2008

Sometimes you need to know where you are going. Other times you can know exactly where you are going and still miss what you’re looking for. I turned into Natick Crossings because I thought I had gone too far and needed to turn around. In this hidden shop, I found a Black Raspberry Chip cone.

In a town that has recently given us the uber-upscale Natick Collections (nee mall), it’s tough to expect a lot from a place tucked into the corner of the strip mall that is Natick Crossings. Only after turning in did I see the sign, but there were enough people mulling about with cones that I shut off the engine. Actually as these places goes, this was clean and new and had both a patio and an awning.

The homemade part of Black Cow is actually based down in Millis where the ice cream is made. While I’ve been trying to go where it is made, that pans out less often than expected. Sometimes these are things you learn only after you have been somewhere, and it was eating my cone and reading a poster on the wall that they tout Millis’ cows. In reality, all it does is add another destination to the list.

I’ve become more interactive with my servers sometimes. I was actually asked my opinion when I expressed a general indifference to the gingersnap sample. I told him that while I thought the cookie pieces had a nice crunch, I was expecting a ginger ice cream, not just vanilla. Just looking at the deep purple hue of the black raspberry chip was enough to ask for that in a sugar cone.

The first taste makes me sit down. There was a lot of fruit in here, and the raspberry had a very bold sweet flavor. Meanwhile the cream is astoundingly fresh, and the two have both infused each other. There are nice chunks of chocolate all through the scoop. This a fantastic fruit ice cream that leapfrogs the Millis HQ on our destination list.

Only when I’m leaving do I notice the sign by the road telling people this is here. It’s the same size as a nearby one for a election sign for the town treasurer. It’s tough to notice that Black Cow is in here, but once you do, it’ll become one of your landmarks in this area.

other review: Black Cow – Millis

Cone – kiddie $2.95 regular $3.45 large $4.45

Sundae – regular $5.45 large $6.75 cow-lossal $8.75

Frappe – elsie $5.25 extra-thick elsie $6.25

Black Cow Homemade Ice Cream

251 West Central St., Natick MA 01760

508 650-1191

End of March – Early November

Daily noon-9p




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