Spadafora – Malden MA

6 08 2008

When you drive around the Boston area, one of the interesting thing that becomes apparent is that blue collar migration outside of the city goes North and South, staying along the coast, while the white collar suburbs are to the West in wooded residential neighborhoods. At this slushery just past the Whole Foods Bakery, I got a Death By Chocolate cone.

I think slushery is the right name for this sort of joint. Ice cream is not the focus, instead cups of flavored ice take the fore. Apparently you can buy a gallon of it for $14, but I can’t figure out how you could get through that much before it all melted. Maybe we should host a Nathan’s-style eating contest here based on these gallons. I guess you could put it in the freezer.

Spadafora has no inside area for seats or other ordering. This really is a product of the season when all that the store provides is a window facing the sidewalk. There’s a paved lot to the side that has two picnic tables tucked into a back corner that otherwise would only serve as an advertisement for a plateless RV that’s being swallowed by the grass. With only a smoke shop sharing the block, there’s not a lot of window shopping that you can do while working on a cone.

Since they are busy making the slush here, Spadafora gets their ice cream from Richardson’s. This ice cream seems to dominate the territories north of Boston, as I’ve found a lot of places that serve it instead of making their own. The fact that I’d had Richardson’s scoops recently, I leapfrogged the samples and went straight to a death by chocolate cone.

The chocolate in this ice cream was wonderful, rich and blended in sync with the cream. there were brownie pieces, a vein of syrup, and other chocolaty chunks in the ice cream that just assaulted the taste buds. The only drawback was some freezer burn that all seemed to be found in air pockets adjacent to the brownie. To be able to stumble around and find a cone like this on a rainy August afternoon is what makes Boston so great.

Slush seems to be related to the Mediterranean as it’s mostly Italian areas of town that advertise slush more prominently. It’s a very different sort of refreshing treat. I’m just glad they found room in their freezers for some ice cream too.

Cone – small $2.75 medium $3.25 large $3.95

Sundae – small $4.50 large $5.50

Frappe $4.50

Spadafora Slush and Ice Cream

136 Highland Ave, Malden, MA 02148

781 324-4747

Open year seasonally

Hours ?

Spadafora online




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