Hudson Dairy Joy – Hudson MA

2 08 2008

Once I started eating this much ice cream, I began to have lots of recollections of great old ice cream. I remembered some place in the Lexington/Waltham area that my mom won a gigantic sundae from via the Channel 2 Auction. And there was a place around the corner from one of my high school friend’s house. It was a different place than it used to be. I got a Mint Chocolate Chip cone.

I came here looking for a place called P.C. Creams, but it looks like that place is long gone. Instead it seems to have been merged into the same Dairy Joy as the place in Weston. The only way you can really confirm this is the soft-serve menu. It’s the only thing these two places share, and if it weren’t for the Javaberry there’d be no way to tell.

The Hudson Dairy Joy retains the hard ice creams that were a staple of the building’s former tenant. It also seems to have a far more reasonable pricing structure on its food. There’s seating inside with the same layout I recall, but nowadays you have to order outside, there’s no service inside even though you can watch every cone get scooped.

Figuring a javaberry here was going to be the same as in Weston, I decided to go with something hard under the assumption that they made the ice cream here still. Other than some signs, everything else seemed the same as it always had. The flavor list was pretty limited and that led me to a mint chocolate chip.

This was a very typical mint chocolate chip. Its taste is remarkably similar to the Hood half-gallon in my freezer, with a very similar amount of burn. With the fake green coloring and general mint taste, it was this cone which has started me on something approaching a ratings system. This was nothing to make as a destination, but is more than suitable for a cone along the way.

I recently added a Googlemap link in the Where We’ve Been tab. It shows all of the places that we’ve gone for ice cream so far. Today, I changed the color of the flags. Green flags are ice cream that is worth hopping in your car and driving to no matter where you are.  Sites flagged with yellow are places that are cool to go to if you want, but are probably no better than grocery ice cream. Red flags mean “isn’t there a good green flag nearby?”

Cone – Hard – small $3.25 medium $4.50 large $5.35

Soft  – small $2.90 medium $3.75 large $5.35

Sundae – small $4.50 large $5.50

Frappe $4.65 extra thick frappe $4.95

Hudson Dairy Joy

418 Main St, Hudson, MA 01749

978 568-1775

Open seasonally

Hours 11a-9p

Hudson Dairy Joy online




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