Foote’s – Salisbury MA

31 07 2008

At the end of a long day of consumption, even being motivated to try a fourth cone is a real challenge. It probably helped a lot to be disappointed, and thus Sam and I were looking for redemption. As we drove away from the shore, there was a billboard proclaiming that an ice cream joint was just up the road. It was an Orange Pineapple cone that brought my day to a close.

A lighted sign proclaiming “Wow” atop this building was just greater motivation for getting us to stop. With signs that show that Foote’s had been here for ages, and cartoon paintings of a hot dog, hamburger, cone, and clam, we opted to eat here in addition to getting a final scoop. Sam got fried clams, and I had the cheesesteak. Mine was a few thin medallions of steak on a hamburger bun with a slice of cheese, the clams looked great.

Despite the fact this place seemed to have been in existence longer than either of us had been alive, there was a ramshackle nature to the way things here were run. I asked the guy making our sandwiches what the hours for this place were. Instead of pointing me to a sign or telling me anything outright, he hemmed and hawed before revealing that there weren’t any concrete hours. It really depended on when folks showed up and when they wanted to leave.

The food and ice cream took up opposite halves of the building and they seemed to operate independent of each other with a different staff handling the day’s duties. There weren’t any seasonal or special flavors here and so it took some looking for me to come up with something to have that wasn’t a repeat and would finish off the day the right way. While Sam opted for a pistachio, I went with a flavor that is often the most difficult to do successfully, orange pineapple.

Citrus and cream aren’t always the best combination. In a creamsicle they are separated and only combine inside the mouth, but an orange pineapple cone has to carry the citrus flavor into the cream and not make it seem rancid like that time you mixed orange juice and milk back in second grade. This was the right mix, a refreshing blend of citrus and cream that didn’t seem like a collapsed creamsicle. Instead there were pieces of fruit held in suspension and a light refreshing ice cream that made an easy cone to get to the bottom of at the end of the day.

Sam didn’t have quite the same luck with the pistachio and he ditched the last half a scoop, though maybe the clams had more to do with it than the ice cream did. There’s a great seated area here with picnic benches covered from the sun by the branches of trees. It’s a perfect site to get a cone if you’re leaving after a day at Salisbury Beach and the shade will keep you from extending that sunburn.

Cone – small $2.50 medium $3 large $3.50

Sundae $5

Frappe $4.25


159 Beach Rd, Salisbury, MA 01952


Open seasonally

the guy said the hours were when they got there… usually 11:30a-noon until 9:30-10p

Foote’s online




2 responses

24 03 2015
sam knight

i have lived across the street from Footes for 35 years , it used to be a lively place back in the day and i even worked there in the early 80s for Charles the original owner it was a wild time it was the best of times 😀

23 11 2016

I worked there from ’82-’84. Charles was an outstanding employer.

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