Aloha – Hampton Beach NH

31 07 2008

Sometimes ice cream has only one purpose, and that’s to cool folks down and bring a smile. In such cases we ignore some of the other indiscretions, because we feel better just by eating ice cream and not because the stuff is any good, just because it is there. Beachside parlors are certainly like this, and we were suckers. I went for a Butter Pecan cone, Sam had a Peppermint Stick.

If you look on the internet, this place doesn’t seem to exist. Sam and I didn’t use his GPS to steer us here either. It was all a matter of heading to the beach so we could play catch and the fact that our parking spot was right across the street from this spot. If we hadn’t been in the midst of a day of mad consumption this wouldn’t have fared so poorly, but even the sand between our toes couldn’t save it.

Red flag #1 was parked out front. While the signs declared this was Aloha Homemade Ice Cream, the Rosev (nee Hood) truck was parked right out front and was loading things in. Maybe Hood was only supplying the soft-serve as there was one of those obnoxious pink flags with 40 different flavors that took up an entire wall of the store. Even the name Aloha just seems out of place in New Hampshire.

Red flag #2 was our exquisite customer service. “I’d like butter pecan in a sugar cone.” Almost a minute later the girl looked up at me with a wafer cone in her hand and asked if I wanted a twist. I think I was lost for a moment since I couldn’t figure out how you would twist hard ice cream and change the cellular matter of the cone.

The ice cream wasn’t anything to write home about. In fact, Sam asked if I just skipped over the places that weren’t good, but I feel as obligated to steer folks away from bad ice cream as I do to alert them to great stuff. There wasn’t much flavor here at all…. neither the cream, butter, nor pecan did anything. Despite the benefit of the beach this seemed old and stale with soft pecans and lots of refreeze. If you’re in New Hampshire swimming, look around for other options.

Somehow all of these problems are sort of swept under the carpet. Even if a quarter only gets you ten minutes of parking, the chance to spend time on the beach erases any indiscretions. Thankfully those indiscretions didn’t carry over to Sam and I reciprocating the flirting we were getting from some girls nearby (because when they got near we realized that they were younger than his little sister). A few jumps through the waves after diving in the sand for some errant throws makes whatever seemed bad disappear.

Cone – kids $2.75 small $3.75 medium $4.25 large $4.75

Sundae – small $4.75 medium $5.75 large $6.75

Frappe/shake $5.25

Aloha Homemade Ice Cream

Ocean Blvd, Hampton Beach NH


Open seasonally

Hours #a-#p?

no web mentions?




2 responses

20 04 2009

Aloha ice cream is the best on hampton beach. We have been going there for the last two years and we get delicious ice cream and good service. I would stear all to Aloha and away from the negative commentators before me on this page.

31 08 2015

I definitely agree with Jack. I have been going there for the last three years. Excellent service. One staff member even remembers what I want when I go back. Can’t wait to go back next year. I love Purple Cow and they have it!!

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