Schoolhouse – Burlington MA

30 07 2008

Technology can be a truly amazing thing. Generally, I’m really good with my geography, and I have a great sense of direction (as long as the sun is out). When my friend Sam brought his GPS along with us on a trip to New Hampshire, finding shoppes was as easy as typing “ice cream.” In honor of our first stop, I got a Burlington Heath Bar cone.

Schoolhouse is tucked in the middle of a non-descript strip mall along Route 3A. I guess the big benefit is they get the entire parking lot at night, when they do most of their business and everyone else is closed. Plus they can use that lot for their Sunday night Cruise Night and show off old cars. We parked far away, but only because it was in the shade.

Founded in 2003 by Rob and Betty Stanley, Schoolhouse was born to fill a void of good homemade ice cream in Burlington. That Rob’s mom Susan had been running Schoolhouse Ice Cream in Harwichport, didn’t hurt either as she could provide advice and was able to donate some older equipment to the fledgling business. Including recipes.

The information that led us here contained none of it. All I knew is that it was in a town we’d be heading through soon and I hadn’t been there yet. It had all of the charm of a 1950s ice cream parlor, and even some weathered signs that gave this place a truly classic feel. Of course that was disrupted by the fact that all of the people in the booths this early in the day were people who would have been there every day since the 1950s and that all were intently watching Project Runway on the HDTV. In honor of the place we were, I picked the most locally themed flavor with Burlington Heath Bar.

The results were pretty great. Toffee often gets into an ice cream as a final step. Usually you get a lot of pieces of toffee that carry all of the taste around in clusters in a vanilla ice cream. Here they start with a base that seems to be a toffee flavored ice cream (it may be a dulce le leche), and add pieces of candy ranging in size from dusty crumbles to the kind you need to stop and eat. It’s blended in with a strong cream that all makes this worthy of the hometown title.

Despite my forewarnings that maybe he should go for a kid’s cone, Sam was aghast when confronted with the amount of ice cream that was in his Mudpie cone. It was here as we sat inside at a booth that I confirmed the need to work on an essay about taming the cone. It’s an issue that confronts every cone eater, and it changes every approach to a cone when you need to eat with speed in order to prevent ice cream from melting all the way down your forearms. Any comments on how you attack a cone are welcome…

Cone – kid’s $2.85 small $3.55 medium $4.25 large $5.25

Sundae – small $4.45 medium $5.25 large $5.95

Frappe $4.75 malted frappe $5.25

Schoolhouse Ice Cream & Yogurt of Cape Cod

216 Cambridge St, Burlington, MA 01803

781 221-0338

Open year round

Tuesday-Saturday 11a-10:30p Sunday, Monday noon-10:30p




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15 08 2015

Hi there you might find my blog on the original Schoolhouse Ice Cream at Harwichport Cape Cod MA, which is run by the parents of the guy who owns the Burlington one interesting: See Simon

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