HenBorg’s – Georgetown MA

28 07 2008

Summer in New England is really the only time that things are really ever green. Sure there are pine trees that dot every forest (and even dominate in some areas), but it’s only in the summer that even the ground is green. Maybe it’s because there was so much green around this place that I decided to go with the wonderful artificialness of an Oreo cone.

HenBorg’s is a weird little spot. With a name that sounds like a lost fowl-man species from Star Trek, how can you expect anything but a bit weird. The place is tucked into a corner at Nunan’s Nursery & Greenhouses, and there are parts of the nursery all around this place. In front of it is a raised bed that you’d assume was full of plants, but instead seems to be strewn with picnic tables for HenBorg’s customers.

It really is the setting that makes this place, whether you take your cone and walk through the vegetation or sit on a bench and watch workers erect a new batch of greenhouses. I can’t determine how long this place has been here, but it really seems as though it may have begun at the same time as the nursery, with the nursery being wildly successful and taking over the rest of the lot. It seems like the house that can’t be leveled when a new development springs up all around it.

HenBorg’s is actually a full service diner on one side with an affordable menu of good looking fare if you head to the other counter. Today, we weren’t after food so much as a good cone to help propel the trip up to Maine. With the ice cream supplied by Richardson’s in neighboring Middleton, the quality here was going to be pretty strong, and the choice was Oreo for my cone.

The ice cream was great with the flavor of the stuffing between the cookies also being the flavor of the ice cream… it wasn’t sweet cream or vanilla, it was really an Oreo flavored ice cream, tinted to a brownish gray by some crushed cookies and then filled with a lot of cookie pieces. This would have been even better had I got it at Richardson’s since HenBorg’s doesn’t do quite the same business and this tasted as though the ice cream had been here for a while with the cookies seeming a bit saturated by staleness as is the case with any parlor that isn’t where the ice cream is made.

In addition to all of the lush vegetation and flowers that are all around, there is also a playground area for little kids with swings and a slide. They also offer free cones to kids who have a report card showing they made the honor roll. For older kids, every Monday night is a Cruise Night featuring classic cars on display.

Cone – small $2.57 medium $2.99 large $3.99

Sundae – small $3.99 large $4.99

Frappe $4.09

HenBorg’s Ice Cream & Food

269 Central St, Georgetown, MA 01833

978 352-8908

Open seasonally

Monday-Thursday 11a-9p Friday-Satruday 11a-9:30p Sunday 11:30a-8:30 p

HenBorg’s on MySpace




4 responses

21 07 2009

Should Update Henborgs review, It is Richardsons ice cream bought weekly.

2 11 2010
Lost | Mass 351 Town Halls

[…] to direct you in any particular direction. Stop at Nunax Florists for directions. The on-site store Henborgs Ice Cream doesn’t know (They’re from Salisbury). But the manager goes off and asks around, comes […]

15 05 2011
Richard Symmes


The classic car nights are now on Tuesday from 5:30 til 8 pm.

On a good night there may be as many as 30 antique and custom cars on the lot and they are well worth stopping in to see.

Henborgs has good sandwiches as well as ice cream.

24 07 2011
Garrett Lyon

how old do you need to be to work at henborgs?

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