Bedford Farms – Concord MA

23 07 2008

A rainy cool July afternoon is an anomaly even in Massachusetts. Usually the heat gets oppressive and clogs the roads that lead to Cape Cod. The water at any beach to the North will certainly cool anyone off. When the wet and cool spills from the sky, people are less likely to think about ice cream. Heading away from the shore, I found a Sweet Cream cone not far from Walden.

This Concord location is actually a recent addition to the Bedford Farms family having come into being in 2001. The home location in Bedford began as a dairy back in 1880, and they began producing ice cream in the late 1940s. They ditched the milk back in the 1960s and sold the ice cream business to current owner Joe Venuti back in 1984.

It seems as though opening an ice cream shop in Massachusetts has the same sort of prospects as someone opening a bar in Memphis. You’d really have to be doing something wrong not to be able to make it when there is such a voracious consumer base. Despite torrential rains, I stepped inside and found all of the tables full. The only problem I had here was the fact that once I found a seat, that chair collapsed underneath me and sent me flying across the room. Thankfully not until the moment I finished my cone so there was no mess.

I went with the sweet cream cone so I could eat deliberately. It’s tough to judge this as a flavor since it revels in the fact that there is no flavor, instead the cream and sugar need to carry all of the weight without even a pinch of vanilla.  Gauging by what is available, the cream is rich and smooth, churned to an airy consistency. It’s remarkable how right the flavor is without anything there to provide flavor, but this cone is dense and delectable.

It’s also the downfall of sweet cream. Ultimately it seems like a base from which everything works, and that isn’t ideal for the contents of a cone. If you were using this in a sundae drenched in toppings this would be amazing. Instead, I keep wanting to have a flavor working as a counterpoint to the cream to make both better than they could be individually. It’s definitely a tease when the starting point is great, but ultimately this is a palate cleanser of a flavor, which is probably a good thing after a month of cones.

While many cones are only accessible to those with a car, this Bedford Farms location in Concord is right next to the commuter rail stop. When the train pulled to a stop at the station here, the cars were all visible right outside the window. There’s actually a back door that leads right onto the train platform.

Cone – kid’s $3.25 small $3.50 large $4.10

Sundae – kid’s $4.25 regular $4.95

Frappe $4.50 malted $5.25

Bedford Farms Ice Cream

68 Thoreau St, Concord, MA 01742

Open year round

Monday-Friday 11a-9:30p, Saturday & Sunday noon-9:30p




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