Angelato – Belmont MA

17 07 2008

Questions. Lately, I’ve been asking everybody questions about their favorite ice cream, where to get it and what makes it special. My handyman only goes to the soft serve place near his house since his kids can eat it more easily with less mess, and he has better portion control. Even when I was on the same block as Angelato, no one seemed to even acknowledge it. I stepped inside and got a cup of Chocolate gelato.

Angelato’s is a bit posh for its neighborhood. It shares a block with three pizza places (including the fantastic Belmont Pizza), and is right next to the single screen Belmont Theater. Everything else is composed of weary brick and granite, until you get to Angelato. The brickwork is modern, and even the font on the sign follows suit. There’s even a friendly bench on the sidewalk.

Inside, it’s a strikingly clean space with open area. The store also operates as a Boar’s Head delicatessen so days are more spent building sandwiches rather than scooping gelato. But owner Angelo Firenze is devoted to the gelato, modifying his first name for the store, and his surname for the artisan gelato itself. Firenze gelato is sold at a few other regional shops including KnowFat Lifestyle Grill in Bedford and Farfalle Italian Market in Concord.

The wildest part about the range of options at Angelato was the fact that five of the flavors had no name card, so I had to guess what they were amongst a range of light brown options. The berry gelato options were all low and I figured they had been made a while ago and weren’t the most fresh. When one of the employees commented that he had just finished making the chocolate less than two hours ago, my mind was made up.

Maybe the freshness prophecy tainted my expectations, but if I didn’t have the facts straight from the horse’s mouth, I would never have guessed that this was new. There were large icy crystals as though this were refrozen, and the chocolate had an almost powdery texture. I expect chocolate to be fantastic at a gelato place and this was merely good. It’s interesting searching for what it is that makes an ice cream good, or great. Since ice cream is inherently pretty great, it’s often the lack of anything to detract from the experience that puts something over the top.

The lack of cones at gelato places always strikes me odd, but I dismiss it since the gelato has such issues. While these guys don’t offer sundaes or frappes made from their gelato, you can get it formed into a cold cannoli or as a gelato sandwich between two pizzelles. Classicists can opt for the gelato as fodder for a root beer float. Yuppies can go for the espresso float.

Cup – small $3.25 medium $4 large $5


374 Trapelo Rd, Belmont, MA 02478

617 484 0025

Open year round

Monday-Saturday 10a-10p Sunday 10a-7p




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