White Mountain Creamery – Wellesley MA

16 07 2008

This place also has a shop closer to the city, right by the BC stop on the Green Line. When I went past that one and judged it by its size, I realized that it probably wasn’t where the ice cream was made. A little research revealed that the place is based in Wellesley (and is open to franchising if you want your own). It seemed like that was where to go to get a Honey Maple Grapenut cone.

Stepping inside White Mountain Creamery, I realized that I had been here before, but trying to determine when made me realize how long this place has been around. I had a friend that ran the Boston Marathon, and a few months before the race, he ran the course. I picked him up at the end of the run and drove him back to his car in Hopkinton, and this was where we stopped en route.

Wellesley’s shopping district is pretty posh, but by the time dusk hits, even the Starbuck’s is closing up. For me all that means is more parking spots near this vintage, wood-paneled store.  There are tables inside and benches outside. The water fountain in the back corner has low water pressure and not very cold water. In other words it seems like it has been here for generations, just like the shop itself.

The ice cream seems very freshly homemade in here, someone was working on a batch of coffee while I was ordering and that scent was pervasive inside. The menu board behind the counter has yellow diamond-shaped magnets that tell people what “Today’s Flavors” are and what are the “Special Flavors.” The latter are often a combination of other options and that’s what drew me to the honey maple grapenut scoop.

This was a really rich cone, with the honey and maple flavors locked in battle over which flavor was going to dominate the cone. The results were a war that continued into the mouth. With either of them serving individually as a base, this would be a better flavor, instead of winding up as the Maypo of ice cream. Grapenuts are a tough addition to most cones as they have a knack for losing their crunch. Sometimes that can be good as in a grapenut pudding, but here it seemed as though they were added late to the ice cream in an attempt to keep them crunchy, but recent temperatures had caused some melting and refreezing which made them taste a bit stale. That may seem a bit critical of this cone, and it is, the scent left on my fingers makes me want to go back and get more.

White Mountain Creamery offers something that you’d have to pull teeth at most other places to get them to allow. Do you want to host an ice cream sundae social? For $4.50/person they can supply all you need to satisfy groups of up to 5000 people. If you’ve got 4999 friends, please invite us too!

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Cone – child $2.55 small $3.45 large $4.35

Sundae – small $5.25 large $6.45

Frappe $5.25 malt frappe $5.70 extra-thick frappe $6.25

White Mountain Creamery

552 Washington Street, Wellesley, MA 02482

781 239-0676

Open year round

Daily 11a-11p





One response

19 07 2008

Great service and fantastic ice cream served with a friendly smile. Always a pleasure to visit.

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