Truly Yogurt – Wellesley MA

15 07 2008

If you’re in New England and itching to get some ice cream in the evening, it can be really easy. All you need to do is hop in the car and drive. If you select a major secondary road and just drive, odds are good that within ten miles you’ll stumble across an informal gathering of people clustered around a lit storefront. That’s how I found this place and got a Totally Turtle cone.

It took until the third sign that was up at this place that I could even figure out what the name of this place. The sign above the door says The Grove Street Sandwich And Yogurt Shop. The sign between the doors says Annabelle’s Natural Ice Cream. It’s the sandwich board inside that says Truly Yogurt (although the logo actually shares a Y). Only looking back at the photo did I realize that the front sign does have Truly Yogurt in an outline font. Enough typography.

This place started in Wellesley back in 1992 during that wave of health consciousness that had TCBY popping up in every mall all across the country. But while TCBY holds fast to the yogurt principle, Truly Yogurt offers more ice cream options – both soft-serve and hard pack – than frozen yogurt choices. I don’t know that anyone I overheard at the counter got anything other than actual ice cream. Most people figure that if you’re going for it, there’s no reason to not just go for it and get ice cream.

I probably should have opted for yogurt at a place with this name, but even when it is great, I always feel as though I should have had ice cream. Knowing that I’d find a way to regret whatever choice I made, I tried to satisfy my most immediate cravings and thus today I felt totally turtle. With a name like this, I would have assumed that the shop was started in 1982 by a bunch of valley girls.

While warm nights do lead to fast melting cones – I was given a styrofoam cup “just in case” – the soft texture of the ice cream actually complemented the tastes. An innocuously creamy vanilla ice cream served as the base while the ample swirl of runny caramel carried lots of chocolate candies and a few pieces of cashew with it. While I could have done with more nuts in the mix, the results were very nice, and this was the right cone to find with nothing in mind.

One thing that Truly Yogurt does that I haven’t seen at other places is that they have a flavor of the day. That sandwich board used dry erase markers to reveal today’s flavor and what tomorrow’s will be. However, if you go online, their website tells you what the flavor of the day was all last month and all of this. There doesn’t seem to be any system to it all, but it’s a fun way to keep people interested in your menu.

Cone – kiddie $2 small $2.50 medium $3.25 large $3.75

Sundae – small $4 medium $4.50 large $5

Frappe $4.25

Truly Yogurt

35 Grove Street, Wellesley, MA 02482

781 239-1356

Open year round

Daily noon-9:30p




One response

10 04 2010

I still think about this place from time to time. About, oh, 10(! wow, I feel old) to 6 years ago, my sister went to high school in Wellesley, and every time we visited we would go to Truly’s.
Best. Soft serve. Ever. The portions are HYOOGE, too. I love it.
I loved the flavor swirl!
I still want to go back sometime, (or all the time!) it’s amazing.

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