Sebastian & Alexander’s – Waltham MA

14 07 2008

Nothing is as disappointing as going someplace that sounds interesting only to find a changed storefront and new contents. RIP Festive Flavors. After regrouping with a turkey sub, we set off in another direction going somewhere we were more certain still existed. After a taste of the mango ice cream, I opted for Mint Chocolate Chip in a sugar cone and Tom went for the Cherry Chocolate Chip.

For some reason, searching online for this place as Sebastian & Alexander’s turns up no results that use that name, even though it is boldly printed on the front glass of the store. Even a Globe West piece about it opening in 2006 only ever refers to it as Sebastian’s. It came into being with the expansion of the Cafe On The Common space that is adjacent. It’s actually the same employees that man the counters with an open doorway between them.

In the heart of Waltham center (right at the corner of Main St and Moody St), This place is so posh that you want to clean up the spots where ice cream drips from the hole in the bottom of the cone onto the granite floor. There are tall ceilings as well and there’s sort of a sterile, highbrow attitude that makes me wish we had opted for the table outside, but the chance to sit right above an air conditioning vent was too alluring.

The only moderate bustle of Sebastian’s was highlighted by the fact that only one of the coolers was full of ice cream, and the buckets were smaller, maybe only 2 gallons. That meant we had 13 choices, including the sorbet. While Kimball’s would probably burn through this supply of ice cream in about 10 minutes, Sebastian’s makes small batches by hand as is necessary, and everything is very fresh.

The mint chocolate chip cone wasn’t tainted by faux green mint coloring, and was a strong peppermint ice cream with classic rectangular chips. Ice cream was inside the cone until the last inch with a decently sized scoop atop it. The cream was light, not rich and dense, and relatively airy. It’s a flavor that can be tough to do wrong, but when it’s actually done right, like this, you can taste it.

TOM: “I’m not generally drawn to cherry ice cream, but I could tell at the counter that this was good stuff. The cherries were sliced into rectangular pieces that paired well alongside the chocolate chips. The cream itself held its own, but the cherries definitely provided the bulk of the character — which is how good cherry ice cream should be made.”

The lack of a division between the cafe and the ice cream shop brings about a  weird situation most when it comes the hours of operation. No other ice cream shop is open so early or closes so early. At 6p, the employees are already getting everything closed up, and most people haven’t even sat down to dinner, never mind contemplated dessert.

Cone – 1scoop $2.50 2scoops $3.75 3scoops $4.75

Sundae – small $3.75 large $4.75

Shake – small $4.75 large $5.25

Sebastian & Alexander’s Homemade Real Fruit Ice Cream and Sorbet

677 Main St, Waltham, MA 02452

781 647-2456

Open year round

Daily 7a-6p

S&A’s on the internet




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