Betty Ann’s Dairy Freeze – Buzzards Bay MA

11 07 2008

If for some reason you can’t quite make it to the Cape (maybe you are afraid of bridges), the last turn off of the highway before the Bourne Bridge spans that canal, then Buzzards Bay has the warm beaches to get you toned and tanned, and Betty Ann’s to keep you fed. Since it was something that I couldn’t really comprehend, I got a Black Raspberry Ice Cream – Watermelon Sherbet Swirl in a wafer cone.

It seems as though the 1950s was the time when things changed dramatically and everything changed. While most of the time these claims are made in respect to the revolution that was rock and roll, even the architecture of that era stands today boldly against everything around it. Not a monument to the time, though you half expect to turn around and see Gidget at Betty Ann’s, this is a place where that culture is still alive.

Betty Ann’s is a staple of Main St. It is also an oasis. Begun in 1955, there is an awning that covers a large outdoor seating area in the front and around both sides or the building. With a flowerbox overflowing around the edge, the built-in wooden benches form a community meeting place, or at least a good place for eavesdropping and picking up local gossip. There’s a large parking lot that encircles the building like an old drive-in, but, alas, no rollerskating waitresses. At least there’s a steel water fountain.

Unless you go to TCBY, most swirls are a combination of vanilla and chocolate. But for all of the combinations that I had ever seen, this was the first time that I had seen a sherbet and ice cream swirl that wasn’t just an orange creamsicle. Black raspberry – watermelon sherbet seemed like an accidental combination when the two shared a mixer and someone pulled the swirl as a joke.

After eating it I’d be surprised if there was anyone else who bought this swirl all day long. Maybe it’s a big hit with little kids because the two flavors collide into each other rather than complement each other. The resulting flavor is startlingly like bubblegum. And with different freezing points between the two treats, the ice cream had viscosity yet the sherbet was like an Italian ice. Even without expectations, it was disappointing. Next time, get a dip.

If you address the shop from the side, there is a window where instead of ice dream you can order food. Cheeseburgers, tenderloin sandwiches, BLTs, and grilled cheese are all worthwhile options. This is great diner food. But being near the sea, they do something special: the clam cake. It’s a beignet with pieces of fresh clam in the batter, it comes 6 or 12 to a box, and is the best treat you can get for yourself whether you are heading on to the Cape, coming off it, or just staying in town.

Cone – small $2.00 medium $2.50 large $3.00

Sundae – small $3.50 medium $4.25 large $5.25

Shakes and malts – small $3.25 large $3.75

Betty Ann’s Dairy Freeze

225 Main St., Buzzards Bay MA 02532

508 759-6653

Early April to late September

Daily 11a-10p




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