Every Day’s a Sundae – Downers Grove IL

6 07 2008

Punnery is a lost art in the 21st Century. That’s probably why the 4th season of Rocky and Bullwinkle was promised, but never released on DVD. While the name of this ice cream shoppe may elicit groans, as puns often do, it is a sentiment that is tough to argue with. Despite some colorful ice creams on display, Tommy stuck with Chocolate, my friend Korry went for the Chocolate Cake Batter, and I opted for the Pomegranate Chip.

Cliched though it may be, it only seemed fitting to give this place a try on a Sunday. Even if I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment that every day is indeed a sundae (or at least worthy of one), there’s something nearly spiritual about invoking this sort of idea. Plus I do believe that even if gods rest on the seventh day, they probably don’t count churning or scooping ice cream as a real task.

Every Day’s a Sundae is a weird sort of place.  Ice cream wasn’t even the genesis of the creation of this place, the berries were. And while the only location is in Downers Grove, things began on a berry farm in South Haven, Michigan. After joining forces with a store there, the berry farm started to bring their ice cream to regional festivals and fairs in the Midwest. Repeated overwhelming success at the Downers Grove Heritage Fest, made them open up a store downtown in 1992.

Pomegranate Chip was one of the flavors listed as new for this year and sounded like something that needed to be tried. I figured that something in the fruit family was necessary given the origins of the store. What was disarming, and a bit disappointing, was that the chips in the name weren’t chocolate. The chips in the ice cream weren’t even chips at all, but instead were granola. If they were fresh and crunchy, it might have worked better, but the ice cream had saturated them and the results were distracting from the cone because they had become soggy and then frozen to the point that I had first assumed it was rice krispies. The pomegranate flavor was great, the portions were quite large, and the creaminess was nice, but it was tough to get past the flaccid frozen stale granola in every bite.

Sometimes being adventurous in flavor choices isn’t the best approach. The tastes that I got of the chocolate were pretty great and Korry was astonished by how good the cake batter was (they also offered a white cake batter which seemed worth trying). There’s also a Chocomania favor that was as dark as Hershey’s Rocky Road that I’ll probably get if we go back here before I leave. While Massachusetts may eat the most ice cream per capita, Downers Grove seems like the Massachusetts of Chicagoland (and not just because of my nephew’s Red Sox cap).

Every Day’s a Sundae has a lot of tables inside for people to sit at, but outdoors has both tables of their own and abuts a large public space at the railroad junction in the heart of Downers Grove. Additionally (and most important when bringing along a 2-year-old) there is a bathroom in the back with a large sink so you can clean up your drippings. Plus there is the element of the ice cream shoppe that I find to be ideal which is lost to most these days – the water fountain.

Cone – junior $2.10 single $2.89 double $5.09

Sundae – junior $3.25 regular $4.15 large $5.75

Shakes and malts – $4.75

Every Day’s a Sundae

990 Warren Avenue Downers Grove, IL 60515

(630) 810-9155

Open year round

Mon-Sat 11a-10:30p Sun noon-10p





One response

21 11 2009

As a former employee, you have some facts incorrect. It is not called Pomegranate Chip, but Pomegranate Crunch. It isn’t crunchy, you’re right, but they certainly are NOT chips so they shouldn’t be compared to as such. Don’t complain about the ice cream, we don’t make it. We get it from Sherman’s Dairy in South Haven. If you have something bad to say, complain to them.

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